Fury over ‘disgraceful’ biased anti-Thatcher lesson plans 

Mar 12, 2016 by

PRIMARY school pupils are being taught to hate Margaret Thatcher as a milk snatcher whose claim to have turned Britain around was an empty boast.

She was also “an abrupt and mean” figure who wanted to “abolish” the NHS and “destroy the miners”, according to model lessons for children as young as seven drawn up by teachers after her death.They feature galleries of unflattering images of her, including her Spitting Image puppet and cruel cartoons poking fun at her death.

It is also suggested that she was “only popular because of the Falklands War”, “neglected the North” and used the IRA Brighton bombing to enhance her tough image.

Source: Fury over ‘disgraceful’ biased anti-Thatcher lesson plans | UK | News | Daily Express

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