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[4.22.13 — It appears to me that these two videos both demonstrate “reform math” which is commonly referred to as “fuzzy math.”

The first video is done by a teacher in the state of Washington who is demonstrating a math lesson following the Common Core Standards.

The second video is from 11.17.07 and was produced by M. J. McDermott, also from the state of Washington, as she was demonstrating the confusion created by the fuzzy math programs, Everyday Math and TERC.

Common Core Math Standards, if allowed to be implemented into our nation’s schools, will produce the same type of math derelicts that are presently hurting our nation’s college readiness and workforce. – Donna Garner]

Video demonstration of Common Core Standards – Math:







M. J. McDermott is a meteorologist who gives the morning weather forecast on Channel 13, Seattle, Washington.  She explains what is wrong with Everyday Math and TERC which are two math programs used in many schools throughout the United States. At the end of this short video, she tells how and why she got involved fighting “reform math.” After you watch this video, you will understand why these two math programs are producing “math derelicts” among so many of our school children.



Donna Garner

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