– CEO Andrew Torba, Christian, Husband, Father, Patriot

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“ – CEO Andrew Torba, Christian, Husband, Father, Patriot”

By Donna Garner


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  It was my privilege to join GAB some months ago. GAB was built by a tech specialist, Andrew Torba, who was living and working in Silicon Valley. He began to see for himself and also heard from friends working on Big Tech’s social media platforms that censorship of free speech was coming.

Because Andrew believes in solutions and not in whining or asking for federal dollars, he and his team launched in August of 2016.  So as not to be dependent upon the 25+ service providers who stay in lockstep with each other to censor and ban free speech, he made sure that GAB has its own infrastructure, app store, servers, internal e-mail system, web browser – even (a video hosting platform powered by the freedom of speech). is funded by donors who believe in free speech, many of whom are committed American patriots.

On this video, Andrew Torba explains the carefully laid plan by the PSYOP campaign, starting back in early December 2020, to blame the violence at the Capitol this last week on GAB.  GAB absolutely does not condone violent behavior, and thousands of members and community members worked to locate the PSYOP accounts to take them down. 

In the video, Torba goes on to document GAB’s efforts to uncover the PSYOP campaign and to take appropriate action to “out” them, noting that almost instantly after police allowed protesters into our nation’s Capitol, the New York Times started a baseless claim against without providing any proof, screenshots, usernames, or evidence to support their wild accusations.     

The good news is that instead of vilifying and destroying, the PSYOP campaign has ended up unwittingly advertising GAB.  The site has had over 5 million viewers in the last 72 hrs.  While Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al. are busily censoring and banning people, GAB has shared over 45 terabytes of free-flowing information, much of it documenting the evidence to steal the election.

Torba believes that its members are the customers and not the product.  Their personal information is not sold to make a profit.  The members are free to make donations if they so desire.

I personally like this site because of the ease of signing up, posting, and connecting with many other American patriots on an uncensored platform.]

Here is the link to Andrew Torba’s forth-right descriptions of, its origins, and its mission to support free speech:

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    jack zohar


    Please remember that ours is a Judeo Christian nation, Christianity rests on a foundation of Judaism and our legal system has roots in Mosaic law.

    Yes, it is a given that many Jews are misguided liberals, but this in no way negates the power and efficacy of Judaism itself.


    Yaakov (Jack) Zohar

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    Dr Robert English

    Wonderful article!
    The separation from the High Tech Oligarchs will not be an easy one and there will be some struggles however, worth it.
    Browser: Dissenter
    Email: Proton email

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