Gen. Flynn Claims Trump Cavalry Is Coming: ‘Foreign Partners and Allies’ Were Watching Election

Dec 22, 2020 by

Let’s hope!

Former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn said foreign partners can provide evidence that will show there was foreign influence at work in the Nov. 3 election.

Flynn, speaking to Lou Dobbs Friday on Fox Business, said that interference with elections was linked to the recent extensive infiltration of federal government systems through software made by a company called Solar Winds that was hacked.

“When we talk about our election security, Lou, I think this is all part of it because there’s a relationship between this Solar Winds attack which has basically penetrated our entire critical infrastructure, as well as our election security,” Flynn said.

“With all of the egregious behavior that we have seen on our elections security, we cannot stand for foreign influence, which we have direct evidence of,” he said.

Although the Electoral College has declared presumptive President-elect Joe Biden the winner of the Nov. 3 presidential election, the Trump campaign has insisted that there has been voter fraud in states that include Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as Pennsylvania.

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Despite multiple anecdotal claims of voting irregularities, proof has yet to surface that there was a widespread effort to distort the voting process in such as way that would have impacted the final results of the presidential election.

Numerous affidavits testifying to various types of election fraud have been filed in courts in several swing states. These affidavits indicate that those who witnessed conduct believe that fraud took place but those allegations have yet to be proven through either the courts or law enforcement.

“We also have evidence now from other countries, other foreign partners who have evidence in fact, that they were watching the attacks on our election system, our elections process, on the third of November,” Flynn said.

“They are willing to provide that directly to the president,” he said.

“We now have that evidence and we received that today.”

“There are foreign partners and allies that are willing to help us, but this foreign influence against our election security and into this Solar Winds system is really, really dangerous,” he said.

Flynn has used his Twitter account to rally support for President Donald Trump.

Later in his interview, Flynn said that “we know we have evidence of foreign influence in the election,” and listed as possible perpetrators China, Iran, North Korea and Russia.

“These are adversaries that basically want to dominate the ideology of this country,” Flynn said.

“We cannot kid ourselves any longer and play games in this world of cyber attacks and act like it’s just some video game. This is real stuff.”

Flynn said foreign allies would provide the evidence they have “directly to the president.”

“They’re more than willing to do that, from what we understand,” he said.

Source: Gen. Flynn Claims Trump Cavalry Is Coming: ‘Foreign Partners and Allies’ Were Watching Election

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