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Gender-Neutral Changing Room Opens At Swedish School

Apr 26, 2013 by

HELSINKI — Officials in a liberal Stockholm suburb that discourages gender stereotypes have decided to open a gender-neutral changing room in a local high school to avoid students being classified as male or female.

Patrik Biverstedt, headmaster of the Soedra Latins upper secondary school, says they decided on the cubicle where one person can change at a time after students proposed it last year. It will be ready by May 6.

Students’ union member Camille Trombetti says the changing room is not only “for transsexual” students but any student who wants privacy when changing for school activities.

Soedra Latins is in the same affluent Sodermalm district where children at the Egalia preschool are encouraged to avoid using “him” and “her” and to call others “friends” instead of girls or boys.

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