Gender-specific bathrooms? Now there’s a novel idea

Oct 15, 2015 by

Two conservative lawmakers in Wisconsin are sponsoring a bill that would provide a statewide policy for gender-specific bathroom use in public schools.

State Representative Jesse Kremer (R) and Senator Stephen Nass (R) introduced legislation last week that would require school boards to designate restrooms and locker rooms for the exclusive use of either male or female students. “Clarifying the appropriate use of bathroom and locker facilities will ensure that the dignity of all students is respected in these areas where privacy and safety are paramount,” Kremer stated in a press release.

The bill (LRB-2643/1) is a result of a spate of policies at school districts around the state allowing transgender students to use bathrooms designated for the biologically opposite sex. Julaine Appling, president of Wisconsin Family Council, tells OneNewsNow those school boards have been going against the wishes of parents.

“And some of these school districts have been successful over the protests of parents and concerned citizens,” she explains. “We’ve had parents and grandparents call us, very distraught, saying We have to do something.”

A memo from Kremer and Nass seeking co-sponsors summarized the intent of the bill, saying it will (1) ensure even policy application and enforcement, (2) prevent discrimination, and (3) protect all students’ privacy and safety.

Even though the legislation appears to be one of commonsense, Appling says it won’t be easy to successfully get the bill through the legislature.

“Quite honestly, given the make-up of our state legislature this bill should sail through …,” she states. “But it won’t, because we have too many timid Republicans who are in the majority party in both our Assembly and our Senate.”

Appling says the bill does permit a school board to provide those who identify themselves as transgender with access to single-occupancy bathrooms or existing faculty and staff restrooms.


Source: Gender-specific bathrooms? Now there’s a novel idea

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