Generational Felony Statistics

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The war on drugs seems like one that humanity will continue to fight until the end of eternity. As destructive as drugs can be, there are millions of people who succumb to the temptation. Additionally, it can be very difficult for friends and family to get through to a loved one who’s struggling with addiction. While there are many people who become addicted from younger ages, drug addiction is no respecter of persons. The impact runs across all the generations.

Generational felony statistics show that the top felonies for Generations X and Y are drug-related. Generation Z’s top felony is connected to breaking and entering. However, breaking and entering is often linked to drugs because many are breaking into a private establishment with an underlying motive of feeding an addiction.

It’s going to take a lot more than willpower for an individual to beat a drug addiction. It’ll take therapy, relational support and more. However, in order to get to the point of recovery, admission is the first step. In order to recognize the addiction, consider looking for these behaviors.

1. Withdrawal
When a person is struggling with an addiction, they might find it easier to be on their own. It’s not something they’re proud of so they feel the temptation to hide. Hiding is coping mechanism and a way to avoid the fear of being caught in a dangerous habit.

2. Attitude
If a person used to always be cheerful and their mood has shifted to one of judgment, anger and annoyance, pay attention. This could be symptomatic of something much deeper than stress. This might be a symptom of the narcotics flowing through their body.

3. Carelessness
When a person seems to be unusually careless and forgetful, this might be symptomatic of a drug addiction. If your loved one seems less concerned about maintaining their lifestyle, keeping their job and fulfilling commitments, this might be a hint of something a lot deeper and concerning.

4. Legal Issues
With Generation Z, the most common felony is listed as breaking and entering. If a loved one is breaking and entering in order to steal and support a habit, they’ve crossed into territory where they don’t care about breaking the law. However, there are always consequences for felonies. You don’t want to see a loved one get a record. Once they get a record, it follows them forever.

While it’s easy to judge, get discouraged and give up, it’s always important to try and be there for your loved one. For some, tough love is just what they need to turn their life around. For others, it’s going to be a long, hard road of bumping their head before they realize the danger. All you can do is recognize it, offer opportunities for professional help and love them through it all.

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