George Leef: Feds Involvement in Colleges

Oct 27, 2015 by

A Brief Interview with George Leef: Feds Involvement in Colleges

Michael F. Shaughnessy

  1. George, you have just penned another piece in Forbes- what was the exact title?

I entitled the piece How Federal Regulation Props Up the Accreditation Trust and Why It Should Stop

2) What was the MAIN point that you were trying to make?

My main point is that the federal government made a mistake when it decided to rely on college accreditation to determine which schools were good enough for students with government grant and loan money to enroll in. Accreditation is not a reliable proxy for good educational quality and we should change that policy.

3) Can you provide a link so that readers can read the entire piece and get a grasp as to these issues?

The piece is available here:

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