George Soros and His Diabolical Plan for Texas and the U. S.

Dec 28, 2021 by

“George Soros and His Diabolical Plan for Texas and the U. S.”

By Donna Garner


George Soros has a diabolical plan to turn Texas and the United States into his own image.

I am not an alarmist; but Soros is a master of timing.  He typically dumps his campaign money into his chosen leftist candidates’ coffers right before elections so that the opposing Republican candidates cannot respond.  He also, undoubtedly, was behind the timing for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to issue its disastrous ruling – right before Christmas/New Years when the general public would be too busy to notice.

On 12.20.21, a little-known court in Texas called the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (TCCA) ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton must FIRST get permission from local district attorneys before being able to prosecute cases of voter fraud.

Once I heard about this disastrous ruling, I published on 12.22.21 an article entitled “Disastrous Ruling in Texas by Little-Known Court Would Turn Texas Blue” — EdViews.org

The next day on 12.23.23, I published another article entitled “Texas Candidates Bought by George Soros, Including District Attorneys” – EdViews.org

My second article details George Soros’ plan to turn a Red state such as Texas into a Blue state by emasculating the power of our conservative Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and our Texas Supreme Court justices. 

The Soros-backed district attorneys control most of the largest voting areas in Texas, and they certainly do not want TAG Paxton prosecuting voter fraud of which they have become masters of deceit. Neither do the Dems want the Texas Supreme Court passing down any fair rulings.

The TCCA ruling could easily result in undercutting every Republican candidate’s chances of getting elected throughout the state.

The reality is that if Texas goes Blue, then Texas and also the Presidency could be lost for many years to come. 

Please take the time now to go back and read my two articles (links posted above), and put into practice the four things that I have asked every true American patriot to do:   


“Bad elections have bad consequences.”  We have to make sure that people who say they are Republicans are authentic conservatives BEFORE we cast our votes for them.

We must get involved right now in locating and supporting conservative candidates up and down the ballot.

We as voters must not vote for any Democrat because their party has been completely taken over by George Soros and the other leftists.

We also need to pray for TAG Paxton and his team as they try to figure out a way to defeat this Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruling and the Dems/Soros cabal.

Soon, I myself will be putting into practice what I have asked others to do which is to locate and support conservative candidates who are running for the March 1, 2022 primary.


All of us have learned in these last two years how important judges and court decisions can be even over our own personal lives. The first conservative candidate I will be supporting is Republican Ryan Luna who was appointed the Judge of the McLennan County Court-at-Law No. 3 but who is now running for the full, four-year term as Judge of that court. It will be my honor in succeeding articles to help acquaint the voting public with Judge Ryan Luna’s solid conservative credentials. 

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  1. Nancy Reyes

    This a-hole old goose should be investigated with his crimes – then deport him in his own homeland of Hungary.!!!

  2. Soros is a garbage piece of satan’s spawn. Pure evil. Praying that our Lord will stop this evil

    • He’s no Jew, he sold out his people to the WW2 Nazis in Hungary and going after him isn’t Anti-Semite, it’s just going against an anti-American Demon, and that includes his son and all the elitist in-laws he has too!

  3. Ron

    If we allow another bought election to happen anywhere in our nation, WE deserve the outcome.

  4. Sammy

    George Soros is Satan . He hates anything that is good. He needs to hurry and meet his maker or be locked up until he’ll freezes over.

  5. Teresa Mulling

    It’s horrible that people/politicians will let money rule rather than protecting us. Do they really think they will like what happens if the bad people take over?
    They’ll take off their heads without a thought

  6. Christina

    WAKE UP People!!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your website and your post. So much us conservative voters need to be aware of when voting against who the Dems and the RINOs are. Soros is an evil being IMHO.
    Barbara from South Dakota.

  8. gary whitbey

    Thdy need to make thdm all stop taking money from him and all big ts h