Georgetown Univ. censured for abandoning Catholic teachings

Feb 1, 2017 by

Charlie Butts –

A watchdog group is releasing a report that it contends should convince faithful supporters of a Jesuit university to turn their backs on the school unless it returns to its Catholic faith.

Four years ago, at the request of author William Peter Blatty, the Cardinal Newman Society developed a report to send to the Vatican critical of Georgetown. Following Blatty’s death on January 12, society president Patrick Reilly decided to release the report publicly.

“Georgetown University through its faculty, its student activities, its commencement speakers, in a variety of ways, has clearly contradicted its Catholic identity with pro-abortion activity, advocacy for same-sex marriage, advocacy for physician-assisted suicide, and a whole host of things that are clearly inappropriate for a Catholic institution,” Reilly argues.

He tells OneNewsNow that part of the blame lies with the faculty, as some have clearly been teaching contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

“We found that a number of them, even while employed at Georgetown University, were employed at places like Planned Parenthood or the pro-abortion NOW Legal Defense Fund [now known as Legal Momentum],” Reilly says. “So clearly, they should not have been teaching at a Catholic university.”

The situation is so serious that Reilly is recommending students not attend the school and donors cease funding it until Georgetown does an about-face and adopts policies to conform to the faith.

Source: Georgetown Univ. censured for abandoning Catholic teachings

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