Getting Out Of A Friendzone: Things You Wish You Knew Earlier

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Once we have found our ultimate soul mate, it seems that nothing will tear you apart. You spend evenings together watching horror movies or ridiculously stupid comedies. You always hang out with each other both in the company of friends as well as alone. But then an unexpected turn of events happens as somebody falls in love. How do you keep a friend but also try to take this whole friendship to a whole new love-related level? Let’s figure this out!

Many people go online not only to find loved ones but also someone who would eagerly talk to them. Thus, on a slavic dating site you can find not only the ultimate crush of your life but also a person who is simply fun to talk to and share thoughts with. Somehow, it may then turn into a bigger feeling and thus larger responsibility to keep the friendship. However, you do not want to lose a chance to try and ask him or her for a date, do not you? That is when things become complicated.

Things To Know When Crossing the Friend Zone Border

First things first, do not worry. This situation has happened to many of us so you are not alone. Second of all, try to stay positive and do not bury your good fellowship too early. Remember, it is always worth trying even when it feels completely awkward and embarrassing. There is a way to keep a relationship going after that “no” which would require significant effort.

Below are some of our tips to get your way out of the friend zone and staying on good terms afterward:

  • become less engaged with another person: to evoke the interest of your friend, try to become a bit more distanced. This will cause your friend to reconsider your place in his or her lives and maybe finally look at your figure from a different perspective;
  • create competition: especially in cases when you have a feeling that your friends do assume you to be in love with him or her, adding a bit of spice would be a nice step to do. Once your fellow will feel scarcity of your attention and readiness to always be there, he or she is again likely to value your time more than before;
  • carefully test the waters: before finally opening up, test the waters. Make sure that your friend is not madly in love with somebody or already dating another person. In some cases, these situations are not illustrative but will help you build the right strategy;
  • be as open as you can: if you feel that things are not working the way you wished them to work, tell him or her how much your friendship means. By being open from the very beginning you have higher chances of being understood and listened to.

To crown things up, being in a friend zone does not mean being there forever. Obviously, there are cases when people match each other in all possible but romantic ways. Nevertheless, in many cases, the right first step actually ended up with an amazing love story.

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