The Ghastly Story Behind the Gaza Tunnels

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“The Ghastly Story Behind the Gaza Tunnels”

by Donna Garner


According to an 8.3.14 article in the American Thinker by Clarice Feldman (, reporters from Finland and Italy have conceded, “Hamas is using human shields to cover their aggression, though our own media, notably the New York Times, still prints only those pictures that Hamas wants it to, and that excludes shots of Hamas’ aggression and the significant casualties to their own people caused by Hamas’ tactics and mishaps.” 


Unfortunately, it is those pro-Hamas photos that end up on the front pages of our U. S. newspapers.


Recently the left-leaning, pro-Hamas-sympathizing media started asking, “Why don’t the Palestinian civilians have bomb shelters?”


Associate Dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, gave two answers to this question in his 8.1.14 article in :


ANSWER #1: Bomb shelters would minimize civilian casualties, and “Hamas counts on spawning martyrs on-demand for the 24-hour, Internet-driven news cycles to depict Israel as a Nazi-like monolith bent on murdering innocent babies and their mothers.”


ANSWER #2:  “The Palestinians have a desperate shortage of cement, but no one ever demanded to know why. That’s because the series of new tunnels were built with thousands of tons of diverted cement from 24,000 concrete slabs that Israel was pressured into allowing into Gaza to ease a so-called crisis in the civilian construction center. Those slabs were used to build sophisticated tunnels designed as advanced terrorist underground highways extending into Israeli territory.” 


Hamas prisoners under questioning have revealed recently that for some 12 years, they have been building a network of at least 40 elaborate tunnels. 


On Sept. 24, 2014 (Rosh Hashana), when many of the Israeli soldiers would have gone home leaving fewer on guard duty, Hamas was going to unleash powerful explosives in selected tunnels placed right underneath Israeli kindergartens.


Then the Israeli women and children who were not killed were to be held hostage in the tunnels so that Israel would not try to bomb them. 


The Hamas fighters were going to pour through the tunnels during the dead of night to take over the Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.


What do these elaborate tunnels look like?  Please go to this link to see with your own eyes what Hamas has been building to try to wipe Israel off the face of the map:



Important quotes from Gary Bauer of Campaign for Working Families:


7.31.14 — The rockets pouring into Israel are made by Iran or manufactured in Gaza with Iranian assistance. The tunnel complexes were built with Iranian advice and counsel.

The Obama administration eased the sanctions on Iran last year resulting in billions of dollars to the regime’s bottom line. It is not an exaggeration to point out that the windfall made it easy for Iran to arm Hamas and for Hamas to launch a war while its fighters embedded themselves into Gaza City, where civilians would be killed in any war.



8.1.14 — For Israel the first short term priority is to destroy the elaborate tunnel system and degrade Hamas’ ability to terrorize Israeli communities.


The long-term goal is even more important. Gaza must be demilitarized so that the Hamas tunnels are not rebuilt and the rockets replenished.


Note:  Similar sophisticated tunnels are being built right now on the Southern U. S. border, and it is suspected that Mexico-based Hezbollah agents are behind this effort.



Donna Garner

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