Gift Ideas for the Student in Your Life

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Gift giving can be a tricky game. But it doesn’t have to be when it comes to buying practical gifts for the student in your life. Whether they’re in college, high school, or elementary school, educational and useful item make the best gifts for learners. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Laptop or Tablet

Every student needs a portable workspace. And this holds true for students from elementary school up through college. The laptop or tablet you purchase will depend on the student’s age and educational need. An elementary school student just starting out will need a basic, easy to use computer. Chromebooks are a popular choice for young learners. They are user-friendly and offer only basic functions like limited internet access and games. A Chromebook helps introduce young learners to the world of electronics for educational use. They become familiar with how to navigate on the homescreen, search the internet, and successfully open and close programs. They’re learning the basic skills that will help them succeed in the future. If you’re looking to add accessories to this gift, try a wireless mouse. These are perfect for those students with small hands and fingers who may find the touch pad a bit tricky to master. While Chromebooks don’t offer this feature, certain laptops are made with touchscreens, which are even easier for first timers to use.

But laptops, tablets, and electronic notebooks are the perfect gift for students of all ages. Those entering high school or shipping off to college need a reliable device for completing homework, taking notes, doing research, and staying in contact with classmates and teachers. Do your research and find a laptop that offers the storage, speed, and capabilities that the individual student might need. Throw in some awesome accessories and you have yourself the perfect, practical gift. Some awesome accessories include cases, covers, and keyboards. The Macbook air 13 inch keyboard cover helps keep a student’s keyboard protected and stylish.

Eatery Gift Cards

This is the perfect gift for older students who are working on a budget. Whether in college or high school, one of a student’s greatest expenses is often food. This is due in part to the fact that not many students are well-versed in cooking. This could be lack of knowledge or lack of desire to learn, but either way, a growing, hard working student needs to eat. So why not treat them with gift cards to some of their favorite eateries? If your student is at college, find out which places are close to campus. High school students that get lunch breaks might also enjoy visiting their favorite fast food joints. Make a list of a few places and get a variety of gift cards. Don’t forget coffee shops too! Many college and high school students could use a little “pick me up” when it comes time to cram for tests or complete homework assignments. But be sure to suggest caffeine in limited doses, since it’s not recommended for young adults. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important for students and contributes to success. When students eat healthy and remain active, it gives them energy to tackle projects and tasks. With this in mind, incorporate gift cards from healthy food spots like Panera or local places that offer fruit and protein smoothies.

Art Set

An art set is the perfect gift for students of all ages and interests. If your young learner loves coloring and drawing, buy them their very own art set with a carrying case. Most sets include a variety of tools including crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints, and sometimes clay or charcoal. All of these resources allow a young learner to explore their creativity, use their imagination, and perfect their fine motor skills while learning about primary and secondary colors and experimenting with different materials. But art sets aren’t reserved just for small children. The students age will likely determine the type of set you purchase. Perhaps a college student studying graphic design or an art major could use a new sketch pad, set of charcoal pencils, or easel.

Alarm Clock

Sleep is one of a students favorite things. And while getting adequate rest at night is crucial for success, students also need to show up on time! Tardiness can negatively impact a student’s grade and academic performance. Not to mention, missed class time means missed information. To guarantee that the student in your life shows up on time for class, invest in an alarm clock. While most students use the alarm clock on their phones, this isn’t always a good idea. If their phone dies, the volume inadvertently gets turned down, or the phone drops out of reach or earshot, the student can easily miss the alarm and miss class. Set up the alarm clock on the far end of the student’s bedroom or dorm room. And be sure to set the alert to a high volume. This will force them to get up out of bed to turn it off and prevent them from hitting the snooze and falling back asleep. Alarm clocks are great for even young students who are learning to take on more responsibility. Not to mention, they come in some pretty cool designs and can even double as a nightlight.

Earbuds or Wireless Headphones

Earbuds and headphones are universally useful for students of all ages. Most classrooms from elementary to high school are equipped with laptops, tablets, and even listening centers. Earphones allow students to complete individual work quietly and without disruption. While most elementary schools provide these resources, some students prefer to bring a personal set of headphones to the classroom. This allows them to work comfortably and cut down on the spread of germs. Be sure to buy headphones with a wire, as some school supplies may not be bluetooth compatible. College students, especially those taking hybrid and online courses, can use headphones to interact with classmates and teachers. For some students, music helps them focus, relax, and concentrate. A quality set of earbuds or headphones can help give them the mental oasis they need to stay on task.

While gifts are supposed to be fun, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be practical and useful. So why not show the student in your life how much you care by giving gifts that are an investment in their success?

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