Give Michigan schools more freedom to innovate

Dec 17, 2015 by

Clark Durant –

We have a public school crisis in Detroit and in Michigan. It is about outcomes, money and the need for new schools.

Outcomes: Almost 85 percent of children in grades K-8 public schools in Detroit, both traditional district and charter schools, are below grade level in reading and math. Other urban areas are similar. This must change.

Money: Public school districts and charters either have crippling debt or a shortage of funds to make possible an excellent education. This must change.

New schools: There aren’t any. This must change too.

The current discussion on solving this crisis is too limited. Even if the debt is satisfied, funding equalized and all children are at grade level, a money and outcomes crisis remains. The world is changing dramatically, current public school models are not adapted to 21st century needs, existing public funding models don’t work, and new public schools are not allowed to be created.

Source: Durant: Give Michigan schools more freedom to innovate

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