Giving in awards victory banner to humanists

Aug 1, 2015 by

It appears that a Georgia school district caved to just about everything an atheist group was demanding. In doing so, says the head of Liberty Counsel, the district didn’t do their peers a favor.

The American Humanist Association can claim complete victory in a settlement they reached with the Hall County school system regarding prayer in school. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel says the district appears to have completely capitulated.


“They’ve issued a public statement of what they’re going to do in the future, which includes ‘training’ their own people,” Staver tells OneNewsNow. “In other words, they’re going to tell their people that they can’t pray – that’s essentially what you read between the lines here.”

According to the Liberty Counsel founder and chairman, humanists can use this settlement as a weapon when they attack other schools in their quest to eradicate religion from public schools.

“This will certainly be waved in front of their face by the American Humanist Association when they send their demand letters and say, See what we did here … this school had to pay, so you better capitulate as well,” Staver predicts. “So it will make it easier for them to force other schools to capitulate without even filing a suit.”

In addition, the district agreed to pay the American Humanists $22,500 in legal fees.


Source: Giving in awards victory banner to humanists

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