Glasgow students stage third protest against climate change

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Students in Glasgow have joined activists from across the country in a nationwide protest against climate change.

Around 150 strikers took to George Square to stage their third campaign for action as part of the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement.

Organisers said ‘sizeable events’ took place in major towns and cities across the UK, with students bringing central London to a standstill.

It comes not long after the world’s leading climate scientists warned that “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes” are needed to combat climate change before it becomes out of control in just over a decade.

Since mid-February, tens of thousands of students have been striking from education and calling for urgent climate action, mobilising the largest ever youth-led climate justice movement in the UK’s history.

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In London, over 6,000 young people occupied Oxford Circus, with demonstrations also taking place in Brighton, Manchester, Sheffield and Cardiff.

Oh, and let’s not leave out the fact that the words “climate change” were even emphasized. They were highlighted in the magazine’s signature yellow. “In retrospect, National Geographic went too far with the caption,” says Mittermeier.

A National Geographic photographer has admitted that the viral image of a polar bear suffering from climate change is fake news almost a year later. “We had lost control of the narrative,” admitted Cristina Mittermeier, the photographer of the polar bear.

According to The Daily Wire, the magazine’s most viral video ever, which featured heart-wrenching images of a starving polar bear, perpetuated the narrative that the animal’s imminent death was caused by climate change. However, the climate change aspect of the story is void of any real evidence.   Mittermeier has now explained the climate change deception and fake news stunt National Geographic pulled in a piece titled “Starving-Polar-Bear Photographer Recalls What Went Wrong” for the magazine’s August issue.

“Photographer Paul Nicklen and I are on a mission to capture images that communicate the urgency of climate change. Documenting its effects on wildlife hasn’t been easy,” she wrote.

“With this image, we thought we had found a way to help people imagine what the future of climate change might look like. We were, perhaps, naive. The picture went viral – and people took it literally.

So basically, in summation, Mittermeier admitted that the images of the bony, emaciated polar bear were meant to sound an alarm about climate change, though now she is complaining that people took the image “literally” when that was the exact fake news message she wished to convey.

And National Geographic has now admitted that they are doing their part to brainwash the masses into accepting the false narrative of climate change.

Source: Glasgow students stage third protest against climate change | HeraldScotland

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