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Says dying America is ‘gurgling, we’ve got our hand on the wound’

Claiming that “America is hemorrhaging” and headed rapidly toward death, media giant Glenn Beck says he’s lost faith in many of the institutions that have made the U.S. such a great country, and it’s time to “surrender.”

“When the government says they can use drones and just kill us without a warrant or a trial, my gosh, America certainly is dead,” Beck said during his broadcast Tuesday night.


“I’ve lost faith in my government, I’ve lost faith in the media, in banking, the justice system, some of our big-city police departments … I think I just didn’t have faith in the DMV 15 years ago. Now I question everything. I don’t have faith in any of it.”


But Beck said he realized he wasn’t “supposed to have faith in any of those things,” and proffered the tactic of surrender.

“I remember that surrender is an important way of winning. Surrender. You’re powerless over it. And you are. We’re powerless over anything that happens in Washington. And so what do you do? You try to make amends for the things that you’ve done wrong. You try to live differently. Take an inventory, and then you take control of the things you can and you work hardest on those.”   He continued: “Just as I don’t have faith in anything [I mentioned], my faith grows in my family, and in God. I raise my kids and make sure I’m listening as closely as I can. This is where we’re supposed to be. Faithless in everything that man has created, and putting our faith and our time and our energy into everything that God has created.”   At one point during his program, the host got down on his hands and knees on the floor of his Texas studio with a U.S. flag, as if he were trying to rescue a dying Lady Liberty.   “America is hemorrhaging. And some of us have seen the hemorrhaging,” he said. “And we grab a coat or a blanket and we’re down on, and we’re on the ground, and what do you do? Every time you push something onto the wound to stop the bleeding,” he said, acting like he was applying pressure to a bleeding patient.   “If you’ve seen this in a movie, where there’s a body bleeding to death, what do they do? They’re like gurgling. That’s what America’s doing right now! She’s down on the ground, she gurgling, we’ve got our hand on the wound, some of us!” he  exclaimed, continuing to act out the rescue scene: “Stay with me. Talk to me. Don’t close your eyes; don’t go to sleep. Wake up! Stay with me!”   “When it gets to that part of the movie, that person usually dies,” he said. “Their eyes are rolling in the back of their heads. In our case, Lady Liberty in critical condition. But it doesn’t have to end that way.”

As part of his clarion call, Beck urged parents to remove their children from government-run schools.


“I’m telling you to get your kids out of these schools. They’re indoctrination camps. They’re turning our kids against us. They’re turning our kids against all of the values that we ever held, they’re wounding them even further. There’s nothing more important than our kids. The concept that the individual is greater than the collective, and they are learning the exact opposite in school. Sadly, we have forgotten this.”

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