Global Problems Due to Drugs, Inc.

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I’m not sure how many more of these articles I’ll be writing. David Risselada and I seem to be repeating ourselves and we’re also coming to the solid conclusion that it may be too little, too late.

Yes, I know that sounds defeatist, but I’d prefer to think of it as simply being realistic. What we are facing globally, is what the Bible foretells is to occur. The foundation for the coming world order (NWO) was laid a long time ago and those who have been building it have been working very hard to bring that order to fruition. It is naive to ignore this fact or wise to acknowledge it? Acknowledging it allows us to make wise decisions. Ignoring it tends to cause us to waste energy trying to change what cannot be changed because it is too far gone.

I recently took the time to watch three back-to-back episodes of the National Geographic TV show, “Drugs, Inc.” If you haven’t seen any episodes, I’d recommend them, but beware because in doing so, you’ll likely come away with a tremendous sense of hopelessness for the human race.

In case you’re not fully aware, illicit drug use has been steadily increasing over the past number of decades. Sure, on one hand, drugs have always been with us, but during the 1960s, when everything spilled over onto society – sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll – some things have only gotten worse. Today, we’re seeing the results of what happens when society becomes enamored, then hooked on illegal, and largely, extremely potent drugs.

The three episodes I watched dealt with marijuana (Marijuana Mayhem), crystal meth (Aussie Ice Wars), and Xylazine (The Living Dead). Let me summarize each of the episodes.


The Emerald Triangle where the nation’s best marijuana comes from…

Marijuana Mayhem: This particular episode focuses on the growing problem of what is known as California Sour Diesel. This is “a potent strain of marijuana said to induce an instant high, is helping fuel a violent drug underworld that stretches from coast to coast.”

It is best grown in what is known as California’s “Emerald Triangle” in the northeastern part of the state and consists of three counties. While there are legal marijuana dispensaries there, at least some of this quality grown marijuana is illegally transported out of the state and many dispensaries are robbed at gunpoint each and every week.

This particular episode followed the exploits of several individuals, at least one of which lives in the Emerald Triangle and transports his homegrown, sun-kissed “diesel” plants all the way across America via a major drug corridor from west coast to east coast – I-80 – ending up in New York City. There, he offloads (sells) his crop to dealers who then turn it around and sell it on the streets of NYC.

Viewers even learned how this individual prepared his shipment and transported it. He’s never been caught and makes thousands of tax-free dollars every month doing this. While his identity was kept under wraps for the episode, it is clear that this man is a white person who is in the upper-middle class echelon because of his sales. He drives a very expensive SUV, has nice clothing, lives in a very nice home and essentially provides for his family. He’s a family man drug dealer.

The dealers in New York understand that the best marijuana in the country is grown in California. This is the high-quality drug that the upper echelon is New York want as well – attorneys, doctors, politicians, and the like. The episode highlighted the fact that there were at least 4,000 illegal marijuana grows in California alone. Mexican cartels are still setting up shot illegally planting marijuana groves on large sections of privately owned land. They siphon off water from nearby rivers (destroying the eco-system), bring in generators, and stand to make hundreds of thousands of dollars unless they’re caught.


Marijuana oil in the form of “shatter.”

The episode also highlighted a fairly new form of marijuana called “shatter,” which is close to 80% THC and provides a massive “high.” It is the best of the best and one individual showed how to “cook” it. Of course, if you’re not careful, it’s easy to kill yourself by blowing yourself up due to the way it has to be cooked. Many consider the danger worth it though the episode also included brief snippets of videos highlighting one incident after another of a home or kitchen blowing up.

What I found mind-boggling is just how prevalent marijuana seems to be throughout society.

iceAussie Ice Wars: This episode takes us “down under” where crystal meth (ice) has become a drug of choice. It’s a bit tough to get, but there are ways. Cost of the drug there goes for roughly 6 to 7 times the price in the United States. While the current underground drug scene is controlled by motorcycle groups (“bikies”), the Triads (based in China) is moving in. This has created quite an upheaval, as can be imagined.

Brutality and violence are part of the game plan and goes without saying. Law enforcement tries their best to push back against this brutal underworld, but the drugs continue to flow.

The episode focused on one particular individual who had a well-paying job in the financial district of Sydney and began using “ice” recreationally. Soon, he was hooked and because of it, lost his job, filed for bankruptcy and became homeless. When we caught up with him, he was living in an apartment, was on welfare and even though he clearly wanted to try to remain clean, usually spent his money on his drug habit.

Ice, as we learned immediately starts creating permanent damage in the individual – all vital organs are negatively impacted – and there is no real therapy or cure. This creates a terrible situation for the user and for the society as a whole because everyone pays a price.

In the end, it’s very clear that all drug dealers do what they do for the Almighty dollar and couldn’t care less about the damage to society or individuals that they create. Their rationale is that if they were not dealing drugs, someone else would be so why shouldn’t they step up and get a piece of that action?

A drug addict in Puerto Rico hooked on Xyazline (among other things), who constantly goes in and out of consciousness even as he stands…

The Living Dead: This episode features a cold, hard look at the situation in Puerto Rico and the drug trade there. While crystal meth and heroin are the drugs of choice, quite by accident, drug dealers who wanted to “stretch” their drugs by cutting them with other ingredients, essentially created a drug that is more highly sought after than crystal meth or heroin. It’s a variant of Xylazine, a horse tranquilizer.

This new drug has created a huge problem for the island of Puerto Rico. One doctor estimates that 50,000 more beds are needed in hospitals just to deal with the drug addicts that litter the streets, the alleyways and “drug holes” (places where addicts go to shoot up) there.

The huge problem with Xylazine is that it creates people who walk (or stumble) around and who constantly go in and out of consciousness as they do. Addicts live for their next fix – something that must occur every four hours or so. They call each new fix their “cure.” It cures them from withdrawal symptoms they experience as the drugs in them begin to wear off.

In essence, seeing these three episodes (and there are many others I haven’t yet watched), shows me that drugs is a global problem. Because of the way I think and what I believe to be true where the global elite is concerned, I have no trouble believing that the huge illicit drug epidemic this world is experiencing is due, in part, to the efforts of the elite in using it as a means of thinning the world’s population.

There are many books and articles written that include allegations that the CIA “manages” the drug trafficking problems in the United States, at the very least. It’s not just “right-wing” newspaper and sources that are saying that. Sources on the left are saying the same thing. If true, then of course, the main question is WHY would the CIA be involved in something like this?

As stated, the short answer is the major effect the drug trade will have on the population. While yes, healthcare costs and other problems related to the underbelly of the drug trade will also be felt (murder and other crime, etc.), the reality is that IF the elite actually does want a global population to decrease to around 500 million (from the current 7 billion), then the illegal drug trade is certainly one way to make that happen. Other ways include abortion on demand and the constant threat of wars and political conflicts. Of course, most are at least aware of the allegations that certain vaccines given to women in Africa were also laced with infertility hormones.

As my wife and I watched these episodes, all we could think of was how far gone much of society is these days. It’s as though we have reached a point of no return. People want to change things through the political arena, but as several episodes clearly brought out – especially the episode on Aussie Ice Wars – the drug trade could not be so effective and large without the help of at least some within law enforcement (including judges) and politicians. Add influential agencies like the CIA into the mix and it’s no wonder we feel hemmed in on all sides. Change all the politicians you want to change but the CIA still exists and no politician has any effect on the CIA.

In essence, what we are seeing is what Paul talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 (NASB):

Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God.…

I’m not saying to give up. Anytime we can push back against lawlessness, we’re doing a good thing. I’m simply saying push back with both your eyes wide open. Understand that there are evil forces at work to move and shape society. These forces exist in the spiritual realm and also move upon human beings in this physical realm. In other words, we are being overpowered and eventually, the tipping point will arrive (if it hasn’t already) that clearly shows there is no going back.

It will culminate in revealing the coming “man of sin” who will dominate all political systems throughout the globe and provide a visible seat at the table for the global elite, who now reside (and work from) the shadows.

It really doesn’t matter how you slice any of this (or any of the topics my writing partner David Risselada has written about). Ultimately, and in the end, this planet is headed toward judgment. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s going to happen and only those who know Jesus as Savior and Lord will escape that judgment. In the meantime, hold tight to God and your loved ones. Choose your battles carefully and wisely.

Eventually, you will be able to look up and see your redemption drawing near (Luke 21:28).

Source: Global Problems Due to Drugs, Inc. – For Truth’s Sake!

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