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Different law firms have different legal specialties. GM Law Firm specializes in consumer advocacy and debt resolution. Consumer advocacy law is based on the tenets of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which dictates how debt collectors are required to act. Consumer advocacy law is also based on the premise that people deserve a second change and that people often end up in debt through no fault of their own. Regardless of how carefully people plan their lives, unforeseen circumstances such as unexpected lay-offs, divorce, economic hardships, student loan, credit card, and medical debt can land people in difficult financial situations that require some professional guidance to get out of. Individuals like Chantel Grant and the GM Law Firm, LLC team have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping those struggling with debt.

Understanding Consumer Advocacy Law

Consumer advocacy law concerns protecting the buying public from the unethical actions of large-scale powerful companies, businesses, or organizations with deep pockets. Consumer advocates are the watchdogs of these organizations as they monitor and expose their actions through public awareness and lawsuits.

Consumer advocacy law involves enforcing the dictates of the FDCPA, and when that act is disregarded, calling it into light. When a company is exposed as being in breach of consumer standards, it can affect their reputation and bottom line, as well as their pockets!

Even borrowers who are heavily in debt have rights, and regardless of the type of debt incurred, no one should have to live with harassing creditors and aggressive collection agencies calling and sending correspondence on a daily basis.

About GM Law Firm

Under Chantel Grant, GM Law Firm has made a business out of helping clients gain control of their finances through empowerment and legal guidance. With over a decade of litigation experience and debtor law knowledge, the GM team advises their clients on the best possible course of debt defense and advocates for them throughout the process. Whether they are simply trying to get relief from constant creditor pressure or are being sued by a lender, the GM team can help achieve potentially life-changing results.

GM Law Firm Charity and Pro Bono Work

Chantel Grant and her legal team at GM are aware of how challenging it can be for people to unbury themselves from under mounting debt. Often, the people most in need of assistance are the ones who can afford it the least. After all, how does a borrower who can’t afford the daily necessities of life or loan payments hire an attorney to help them get control? In order to help those most in need, GM Law Firm has taken on a number of pro bono cases to sharpen their skills and give back to their community. Those that have been served have glowing testimonials of how Grant and the GM team handled their case with professionalism, courtesy, generosity and efficiency. Chantel Grant volunteers at many wonderful organizations such as Big Brother Big Sister, Palm Beach Legal Aid Society, Duck Haven, Victory Church, and with the Student Animal Defense Organization.

When it comes time to call GM Law Firm phone number, remember that you are not the only one facing these financial struggles, so do not be embarrassed or scared. GM has helped thousands of Americans resolve their student loan, medical, payday loans, or credit card debt. Consumer advocacy lawyers like Chantel Grant chose to focus on consumer protection and debt resolution in an effort to help people during some of the worst times of their lives. Through empowerment, support, and legal guidance, GM Law Firm has helped set the industry standard in their provision of legal and financial support. Admitting you need some help and looking to the GM Law Firm can help get you on the road to financial freedom and control.

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