“God is a myth” taught Katy ISD

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– A 12-year-old Katy ISD student faces her school board again, this time calling them the liars. And this time, as Jordan Wooley speaks, she is backed up by more public support.

Jordan is the 7th grader from West Memorial Junior High who reported the controversial “God is a Myth” assignment in class.

“You tried to cover up the incident. You tried to twist your words to where it was hard to find the truth,” Jordan said from the podium, speaking Monday night to the Katy ISD Board of Trustees. “You called me a liar without using the word liar.”

On October 26th, Jordan told the board that a graded class assignment became a debate over the existence of God.  Jordan said that, according to the teacher, the statement “There is a God” was a “commonplace assertion,” which the teacher had previously defined to students as “myth.”

Across social media, thousands applauded Jordan’s courage for standing up for her faith. Even Texas Governor Gregg Abbott used #StandwithJordan on Twitter, and nationally known pastor Franklin Graham wrote about Jordan on his Facebook page. But two days later, Katy ISD said it has concluded it’s investigation, and no other student corroborated what Jordan said.

“If I had any reason to believe, or evidence to support, that a teacher did what has been alleged, I would stand with Jordan as well,” said Superintendent Alton Frailey at a news conference. “But the assertions are just not true.”

But FOX 26 learned the school’s principal had already collected at least one corroborating statement from another girl in Jordan’s class.

“My daughter’s and Jordan’s accounts are the same,” said Leticia James after Monday’s school board meeting. “So the truth is there.”

James was not the only parent to speak to FOX 26. Another parent of a student who had that lesson from the same teacher earlier in the day, also came forward with support.

Katy ISD has since apologized for the assignment, saying it was inappropriate and the lesson would not be used in the future, so the national controversy died down. But among the victims, and inside West Memorial Junior High, the issue has festered.

“It died down for everybody else, but it didn’t die down for the students that were in that school,” James said. “The students in that school are still living with it. The ones that choose to act negatively towards Jordan, and for a time period, towards my daughter.”

Ask Jordan how school is going, and she says it’s “terrible.”

“I’ve been told to kill myself. I’ve been told things that I’m not allowed to say,” Jordan told FOX 26 after Monday’s board meeting. “A few of my friends have told me never to talk to them again, and they have been not so supportive. But a lot of them have been sticking by me, so that means a lot.”

Jordan said she would like a direct apology, and chose to address the board again because she said she had nothing to lose.

“If anything has been said that was wrong it was your words, not mine,” Jordan told the school board members and Superintendent Frailey. “You lied about saying the assignment was not graded, although it originally was, until the principal changed it.”

Meanwhile Frailey and the board’s president, Charles Griffin, watched the clock tick down Jordan’s time remaining at the podium, knowing when her 1 minute and 45 seconds expired, her microphone would automatically turn off. The last thing Jordan could be heard saying was, “I think that we, the students, the school, the public…”

Griffin said, “Thank you Jordan,” and she walked away from the podium with several adults in the audience standing up and applauding.

Monday night, FOX 26 requested an interview with a board member or Frailey after the meeting was over. We were told that wouldn’t happen, that a request had to be submitted I writing. Tuesday morning, that request was rejected, and so was our request for a written response.

District Spokesperson Dennise Coffman wrote, “They are unable to provide any type of interview or comment.”

Source: Student in “God is a myth” assignment faces Katy ISD school board again – Story | KRIV

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