Good-Bye To Common Core?

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Renata Di Gregorio –

Plenty of school memories involve filling in those bubbles with your No. 2 pencil, but pretty soon kids might not be doing this anymore with one type of testing.
That’s because those particular bubbles were on standardized tests and part of Common Core. But officials have stepped out of their bubbles and are now taking bigger steps to repeal all of this.
5 News met with people to talk about what this means for education.
Our state may finally be saying “good-bye” to Common Core. Our Senate President Bill Cole and House Speaker Tim Armstead have filed a letter to begin to repeal it. For a while, many people have been against Common Core, but other officials say it just takes some getting used to.
“It’s a new thing for teachers and as anything that’s new, it takes a little bit of time to get used to it and to work with it and to change your teaching methods,” Superintendent of Upshur County Schools Roy Wager said.
Delegate Terry Waxman (R-Harrison, 48) says she thinks teaching methods should be changed, but not to fit the standards in Common Core.
“I think giving the teachers control of education again is the solution,” Waxman told 5 News. “Then they can customize education for every child that they deal with. But we’ve got to give them the power and the flexibility to do so. To think that we can create something at the federal level that is going to work in every single state and every single community I don’t think is a reasonable way to produce education. So I think that, again, local control of education is a far better way to do that.”
Standardized testing is a big issue with Common Core. Both Wager and Waxman say that the amount of time the testing takes eats into classroom time. Waxman says it’s not always an accurate measure of learning.
She says one important aspect is the possible negative effects on the youngest children.
“Listening to the child psychologist who will tell you that Common Core in the younger years requires the children to make connections that they’re not developmentally ready to make and it can leave them feeling frustrated and have a poor self-image as far as their ability to learn.”
Most recently the legislature debated getting rid of the Common Core, but ended with a bill to review the curriculum.

Source: WDTV.COM 5 News Mobile: Good-Bye To Common Core?

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    I’ve been keeping up with the formation of Common Core from the beginning. Child psychologists were RARELY used and didn’t have ANY final input in the end. Initially I didn’t think it mattered much till I SAW the end result.

    The spear head of the Dave Coleman has NO experience in teaching. He has degrees in literature and philosophy. He is totally incompetent and has no business headed this effort and it shows. This is a big experiment and tracking curriculum. The STATE feeds the FEDERAL database. From that profiles are determined and trust me, outcomes will used against you depending on your race and income. Revers racism is thriving and class warfare is helping to drive that.

    I personally believe that having younger kids cope with something they are NOT developmentally ready for was on purpose. They want to DISCOURAGE and frustrate kids – especially the “smart” kids so they can be LEVELED off and look like the non-performers. This is ALL about having everyone be the same. NO INDIVIDUAL should stand out UNLESS they are a “poor minority” or “illegal”.
    THIS is Obama’s mind set. Also they want to MEASURE the “progression” of a students values and beliefs by grade. Then they can tweek their politically correct indoctrination. Common Core is DUMBED DOWN political correctness.

    Speaking of databases, another one being worked on is by ZIP CODE. Naturally that will focus on RACE and INCOME. I don’t know why folks aren’t talking about that and trying to STOP it. Honestly we really don’t need GOVERNMENT determining where we live to fulfill their utopian “diversity” requirements when they shun that for themselves.

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