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BREAKING:  Guess what…David Barton/WallBuilders has sued Jennings/Metereau for defamation of character.  David Barton/WallBuilders won, and now Jennings/Metereau have to pay him and his WallBuilders $1,000,000!  How is that for justice served?

“Good Guy Wins One Million Dollars”

by Donna Garner



How about some good news for a change where the “bad” people get sued, and the “good” guy wins $1,000,000? 


From January 2009 through May 2010, the elected members of the Texas State Board of Education labored to adopt new Social Studies standards (TEKS).


David Barton is the founder of WallBuilders; he is is one of the foremost experts on early American history and has tens of thousands of original writings from the Founding Era (


Mr. Barton and other history experts helped the SBOE to produce the most fact-based, patriotic curriculum standards in the entire United States.  For instance, as part of the TEKS, Texas students are required to spend a week every year (K-12) studying the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The TEKS standards emphasize American exceptionalism while presenting a balanced view of history.  Many American heroes and heroines of character and of color were added to the new Social Studies TEKS.


For his trouble, David Barton was vilified by the leftwing media and such organizations as Texas Freedom Network. [Please remember this name: “Texas Freedom Network.”  I will come back to this in a minute.]

On with the rest of the story…Ken Mercer is one of the great patriots on the Texas State Board of Education. He worked relentlessly with nine other SBOE members to produce the Social Studies TEKS students are supposed to be taught K-12 in the Texas public schools.


David Coleman (architect of the Common Core) and now the president of the College Board has revamped the AP U. S. History Framework to utilize this APUSH course as an indoctrination tool for the leftist revisionists, and Ken Mercer took the lead in getting the SBOE to pass a Resolution on 9.19.14 that admonishes the College Board:  


9.22.14 – “Momentous SBOE Votes – Patriotism Protected for America’s Students”

by Donna Garner —





During the years that Ken Mercer has served on the SBOE, he has had a number of  “questionable” challengers.  Among them are Judy A. Jennings and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau.


While these women were running against Mercer, they leaned heavily on Texas Freedom Network to provide them with campaign rhetoric; and they worked with Scott Garrison, a political consultant, to produce a campaign video.  In it, they tried to discredit Ken Mercer by blasting David Barton and WallBuilders as being white supremacists.


Guess what…David Barton/WallBuilders has sued Jennings/Metereau for defamation of character.  David Barton/WallBuilders won, and now Jennings/Metereau have to pay him and his WallBuilders $1,000,000!  How is that for justice served? 


I suspect the next move for Jennings/Metereau may be to counter-sue Texas Freedom Network/Scott Garrison for providing bogus information about David Barton/WallBuilders.  


David Barton is anything but a white supremacist.  He and other patriots just like him are battling to preserve America’s rich Judeo-Christian heritage so that this and the next generation will be willing to give their lives to preserve it.  


With ISIS “knocking on our front door,” all of us may have to be ready to fight to protect our homeland!  


By the way, who are Judy A. Jennings and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau?      


According to this bio on Judy Jennings (Democrat) (, she is a type of vendor who works for Resources for Learning as Director of Assessment.

When last I looked into Judy Jennings’ background on 4.16.10, she had working relationships with Northside ISD, the Regional Education Service Center 20, and had helped to manage the Texas Education Agency’s Texas High School Redesign and Restructuring Grant Program.  

According to the Texas Education Agency’s online checkbook register, Judy Jennings’ Resources for Learning had been paid $1,170,619.18 from 2007 – 2010.

If Judy Jennings had been elected to the Texas State Board of Education, she would have had a direct conflict of interest just as Thomas Ratliff, registered lobbyist for Microsoft, has on the SBOE right now.

The SBOE has fiduciary responsibility over the largest educational endowment in the entire United States – the Permanent School Fund  — now up to $36.4 Billion.  Thomas Ratliff is on the SBOE committee that handles the PSF; and the SBOE and the Texas Education Agency do millions of dollars’ worth of business with Microsoft through the PSF.  Had Judy Jennings been elected to the SBOE, you can bet that she would have gotten herself placed on that same PSF committee so that Resources for Learning could increase its coffers, too.  



As of 10.30.10, Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau (Democrat) was a professor of English and Film at Texas State University in San Marcos. Her courses taught included Honors Sex Roles in Film and Honors Gender and Technology in Film. 

Bell-Metereau authored a 345-page book entitled Hollywood Androgyny in which she examined over 200 films that contain examples of cross-dressing, female and male impersonation, and transvestitism.  

One reviewer of her book stated: “It is hard to believe that an author could be so passionate about this topic of cross-dressing.”  

An industry review found on eBay noted: “The subject is cross-dressing, transvestitism, and other kinds of gender-bending in Hollywood movies. 

According to her online vitae (, Bell-Metereau also wrote such highly questionable pieces such as:

  1. Transgender Tapestry,
  2. “It’s Only a Piece of Meat:  Gender Ambiguity, Sexuality, and Politics in The Crying Game and M. Butterfly”
  3. “Exoticism and Postcolonial Television Culture”
  4. “Hollywood Drag: Androgyny in American Film.”


One can only imagine what kind of curriculum standards and instructional materials (e.g., literature, health textbooks, etc.) Bell-Metereau would have supported on the Texas State Board of Education if she had won against Ken Mercer. 

Bottom line:  It will be interesting to sit back and see whether Jennings/Metereau counter-sue Texas Freedom Network for giving them wrong information about David Barton.  


Texas Freedom Network has spent their entire existence launching attacks on conservative SBOE members and those who support conservative principles.


As a matter of fact, TFN has launched an attack on me as we speak: 9.29.14 — “TFN, Thomas Ratliff, and Bullying Tactics” — by Donna Garner — 


It is very encouraging to know that “open season” on conservatives has its limits.  Good for David Barton/WallBuilders!



The District Clerk information is:


Sharena Gilliland                             

Parker County District Clerk

117 Fort Worth Highway

Weatherford, Texas


(817)  598 – 6114




The style of the case is:  Cause No. CV-14-0922; WallBuilder Presentations, Inc. Through Its President, David Barton and WallBuilders, L.L.C. Through Its President, David Barton, and David Barton, Individually vs. W.S. Smith and Judy A. Jennings, and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau, In The District Court, Parker County, Texas, 415th Judicial District.


The two documents that disposed of the suit concerning Jennings and Bell Metereau are:


  1. Stipulation of Facts, filed August 6, 2014; and
  2. Agreed Final Judgment, entered August 11, 2014 and filed August 12, 2014.


A more formal citation would be:


  1. Stipulation of Facts, WallBuilder, Inc., vs. Smith, Jennings, & Bell-Metereau [filed August 6, 2014; renumbered from CV-11-1349]; and
  2. Agreed Final Judgment, WallBuilder, Inc., vs. Smith, Jennings, & Bell-Metereau  [entered August 11, 2014; filed August 12, 2014; renumbered from CV-11-1349]


3 – Release Date: 10/04/14


[Here is the part of the judgment that relates to TFN. TFN has been mentioned in a final court judgment regarding a defamation lawsuit, thereby affirming the looseness and inaccuracy of their information. TFN’s false information became the basis of a defamation lawsuit. TFN has been shown now in court records to have provided false and misleading information.]




On this day came on to be considered the above-captioned and numbered cause. All of the parties hereto, consisting of Plaintiffs, WallBuilders Presentations, Inc., through its President, David Barton, and WallBuilders, L.L.C., through its President, David Barton, and David Barton, individually, and Defendants, Judy A. Jennings (Jennings) and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau (Metereau), announced to the Court that a mediated settlement agreed had been executed by the parties settling all issues in dispute between them and, in accordance therewith, requested that the Court sign and enter this AGREED FINAL JUDGMENT.


The Court, having reviewed the STIPULATION OF FACTS, the pleadings, the allegations and defenses, the request herein of the Parties, and all other matters properly before it, is of the opinion and hereby finds that Judgment should be entered in favor of Plaintiffs against Defendants as requested herein.


Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED, and DECREED that Plaintiffs have and recover of and from Judy A. Jennings and Rebecca E. Bell-Metereau, Defendants, Judgment for the sum of one million dollars and no cents ($1,000,000.00), which has been satisfied and discharged.


As part of the settlement, the following official statement was agreed to:


During our respective campaigns in 2010 for separate positions on the Texas State Board of Education, we published a video entitled: ”A True Tale From Texas,” that created a false impression about David Barton. The purpose of that video was to discredit our Republican Party political opponents on the State Board of Education, and those on whom they relied, by depicting their position as politically extreme and detrimental to education. Thus, the video stated that David Barton, who advised the State Board of Education, is known for speaking at white supremacist rallies. We believed that statement had been fact-checked by our political consultant, Scott Garrison, who relied for confirmation solely on information provided him from The Texas Freedom Network. As professionals in education and the proper use of language, we understand that this statement suggested that David Barton is a white supremacist, and that the two organizations he is affiliated with, WallBuilder Presentations, Inc. and WallBuilders L.L.C., were associated with or supportive of white supremacists. After learning more about Mr. Barton, we realize this statement was false. We separately and jointly apologize to Mr. Barton for damage to him individually and to his two organizations as a result of that statement.”



Donna Garner

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