Good money going to an immoral cause

Feb 25, 2018 by

A major university in North Carolina presented its first-ever “Sex Week” event this week with a salacious series of workshops that’s being put on with the help of taxpayer Title IX money. (Caution: This story contains references that some may find offensive.)

Some of the workshops planned this week at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte carried titles such as “Talk Dirty to Me” (during which “no topic is off limits”), “Cookie and Condoms” (set up to allow students to “explore condom use, from learning their history to putting them on dummy objects”), and “Friendly Peer Training & Queer Q&A” (intended to help students “walk away with a better understanding of the queer population”).

Author and commentator Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse is a former college professor and dean who, while in those roles, wanted to promote Christian events and activities.

Crouse, Janice (CWA)“We had a horrible time trying to get Christian groups to even be able to put posters up in the student union, much less have student government sponsor something that was a Christian thing,” she shares with OneNewsNow. “And here you have student funds going to the student government – and [then] the student government sponsoring something like this.”

Crouse argues that it’s hugely hypocritical for colleges to be hosting sex weeks when there is skyrocketing concern nationwide about sexual abuse.

“Particularly right now when there’s this whole ‘#MeToo’ movement where people are very concerned,” she adds. “A huge issue these days is sexual assault and harassment – and yet universities are sponsoring ‘sex weeks’?”

According to Campus Reform, one of the outside sponsors for the UNC-Charlotte observance is Planned Parenthood. The week-long series of events concluded (Friday, February 23).

Source: Good money going to an immoral cause

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