Good News for Trump: Should Be Bad News for Jeff Sessions

Apr 28, 2018 by

“Good News for Trump: Should Be Bad News for Jeff Sessions”

By Donna Garner



  • Yesterday the U. S. House Judiciary Committee announced that after more than a year’s investigation, they found no evidence of collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign during the 2016 Presidential election.



  • Meanwhile, in the U. S. Senate we have Sen. Charles Grassley as the chair of the Sen. Judiciary Committee and U. S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as the ranking member. Their Committee oversees the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.



  • While investigating Fusion GPS, Sen. Feinstein violated committee rules by releasing information; but she failed to mention something terribly important: Her own former top intelligence committee staffer, Daniel Jones, is the one who hired Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele “to push the Russian collusion narrative against Trump.”



  • Where did Daniel Jones get the money to pay Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele?  Jones got $50 Million from “7 to 10 wealthy [Democrat] donors located primarily in New York and California.” (i.e., Hillary Clinton and/or her donors)


  • Christopher Steele is the former British spy who authored the infamous unverified dossier of allegations against President Donald Trump (e.g., hookers urinating on bed, etc.).


  • It was the Steele dossier that former FBI director James Comey stated was “unverified and salacious.” Yet that “unverified and salacious” dossier was used to make up the largest part of the information given to the FISA court to get permission to surveil the Trump team and many other U. S. citizens. 


  • James Comey signed off on three of those FISA warrants and never told the FISA judges that Hillary Clinton and/or her donors paid for the dossier.   



  • James Comey deliberately leaked information (a work product) learned or created from his years at the FBI. That is a felony on his part.  He publicly stated he leaked this information to his Columbia University law professor friend, Daniel Richman, so that he would leak it to media outlets who would then ramp up public pressure to hire a special counsel. It turns out that Richman was also employed by the FBI. This makes it illegal (i.e., felonies) for both men (Comey and Richman) to leak FBI information (work products).  



  • James Clapper, who was Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, played his assigned role by deliberately leaking the entire hatched-up plot to CNN.



  • The media outlets spun their fake news so well that Robert Mueller (a close friend to James Comey) was appointed as the Special Counsel.  As of Dec. 2017, the Mueller investigation had already cost the American taxpayers $5 Million.  By now, that amount is probably well over $10 to $20 Million or more.



  • The Mueller investigation is useless and is like “spitting in the wind.”





A fake dossier paid for by the Hillary campaign to go after the opposition party candidate, Donald Trump, has led to obstruction and a “witch hunt” that has tried to keep our duly elected President from carrying out the platform on which he ran.   



The good news is that this evil and illegal plot by Obama/Hillary/Democrats has not worked.  Pres. Trump and his excellent team are achieving never-before-seen accomplishments almost daily. 



However, Congress must act right now to defund the Mueller investigation. If Congress takes away the “piggy bank,” the Mueller team certainly will not work for free!



I also believe that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should be fired. He is the “boss” over the entire Dept. of Justice and the FBI in which so much of this corruption and obstruction are still occurring (elicit love affair/criminally incriminating texts, high-level staffers who have performed illegal activities but who are still employed by the FBI/DOJ, slow-walking of documents subpoenaed by Congress, etc.).  



Rod Rosenstein works under Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein is Mueller’s “boss.” 



Therefore, everything points back to Jeff Sessions and his inept, ineffective ability as “boss” to lead these agencies. What we need as the Attorney General is someone with a backbone and a sense of urgency, neither of which Jeff Sessions has.



I believe there are many courageous and knowledgeable individuals who could fill the spot of Attorney General.  I think it is the right time for Pres. Trump to replace Sessions with a committed leader who will “drain the swamp” by prosecuting those who deserve to go to jail for their crimes – NO MATTER HOW MUCH ABOVE THE LAW THEY THINK THEY ARE!   

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