Google goes berserk over conservative in its midst

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Tech titan Google created an advisory panel to meet and discuss the future of artificial intelligence only to run into a problem: somebody let in a conservative.

Approximately a week after the AI Ethics Board formed, word got around the Silicon Valley headquarters that Kay Coles James, who leads The Heritage Foundation, was among the members.

More than 2,500 livid Googlers — Google employees — signed a petition to have her tossed, and other board members resented her presence, too.

Far-left website reported in an April 4 story that the eight-member board, which was set to meet four times this year to discuss “responsible development” of AI technology, ran into trouble over the presence of James and others, including the CEO of a drone company whose participation is controversial due to cooperation with the Pentagon.

But it was James who caused the greatest stir among fellow board members such as Luciano Floridi, an ethics professor at Oxford, who asked what is the “right moral stance” for fellow board members to take.

“From an ethical perspective,” Floridi claimed in a Facebook post, “Google has misjudged what it means to have representative views in a broad context.”

“This is the new Jim Crow,” responds Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland.

What happened at Google, he tells OneNewsNow, is an example of viewpoint discrimination and racism, when James’ conservative views represent those of many other African-American families.

James was hired in 2017 to lead the famous conservative think tank after serving under three Republican presidents. But her public views on illegal immigration and transgender people caused an uproar at Google.

Meanwhile, groups such as the Free Speech Alliance are warning that Google and other tech companies are wielding enormous power over its users.

FPA spokesman Christian Robey tells OneNewsNow that part of the problem is the sneakiness of, for example, Google Maps tracking your movements without your knowledge.

But there is also the danger of controlling information, he says.

“They have the ability to change elections and people’s opinions,” he warns. “And it sounds Orwellian, and it sounds bizarre, and it sounds creepy, and it’s true.”

In recent days Google got caught labeling pro-life film “Unplanned” as “drama/propaganda,” which is likely a majority view at the left-wing corporation over a film that takes on Planned Parenthood. A company spokesman blamed it on the “Knowledge Graph.”

The manipulation of information is probably much worse than the public knows but the solution for conservatives, Robey says, is to keep fighting on Facebook and Twitter even if the people who control them want to put conservatives in a high-tech version of the Jewish ghetto.

Source: Google goes berserk over conservative in its midst

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