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“Gov. Abbott, Please Listen to Our Concerns: 2 for 2 in the Wrong Direction”

by Donna Garner



Gov. Greg Abbott has just nominated Sara Martinez Tucker to be on the University of Texas Board of Regents. She is an outspoken advocate of Common Core Standards; and if confirmed by the Texas Senate, she would be in charge of overseeing thousands of future teachers. (Please see Sara Martinez Tucker’s article posted under Resources below.)  



Ironically while Greg Abbott was the Texas Attorney General, he issued a strong ruling on 6.17.14 that states, “Texas school districts are required to provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills at appropriate grade levels…they may not use the Common Core State Standards Initiative to comply with this requirement.”  (Please see TAG Greg Abbott’s opinion posted under Resources below.)


It is rumored that Gov. Abbott plans to appoint Duncan Klussmann as the Texas Education Commissioner. (Please see article posted under Resources.)  



If Gov. Abbott were to appoint Duncan Klussmann to the position of Texas Commissioner of Education and is successful in getting both him and Sara Martinez Tucker confirmed, Gov. Abbott would be 2 for 2 in going in exactly the wrong direction for our Texas school children.  




1.17.15 — “I Hope This Is a Rumor: Klussmann As Texas Ed. Comm.” — by Donna Garner —


Sara Martinez Tucker praises Common Core:  2.25.14 – “It’s Time To Change the Common Core Debate” – by Sara Martinez Tucker – U. S. News and World Report


6.17.14 – Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s opinion against the Common Core State Standards Initiative being implemented in Texas schools —


Donna Garner

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  1. Anyone who is not an outspoken opponent of Common Core in Texas has no business holding a position of authority regarding K-12 education of children, their teachers, or their parents. This means that a person can’t be “in the middle” on Common Core or one with no opinion. It is against Texas law for schools to use Common Core standards and teaching materials (and thus training of teachers). How, then, can a person who supports Common Core be appointed to any position that allows him/her decision-making powers within K-12 education venues? This makes our state’s law a joke.

    The only success stories in education for the past 25 years belong to vendors in the new multi-billion dollar business called “education.” That world belongs to adults whose primary goal is not about children. It’s about money, prestige, and power-brokers–all on the backs of children. I’ve watched this debacle in person. I am a retired math teacher and principal with 30 years experience.

    We know what has worked for thousands of years in teaching and learning: master teachers, willing students, and proven curriculum. Trying to substitute for those with standards, fun-filled teaching, and equity over excellence has brought us to where we are–on the brink of destruction of another generation in Texas. It’s time to see real, clear leadership for the children of Texas.


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