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[Just in case there is anybody left who does not realize that the Gulen schools (a.k.a., Harmony Schools in Texas) are deliberately targeting our public school students to indoctrinate them into anti-American, pro-Islam thinking, please read the following and then peruse the various articles and URL’s that I have posted further on down the page.

People do not have to spend huge amounts of time doing in-depth research on the topic of the Gulen Schools because I have provided easy access to credible sources in this one e-mail.

Someone told me today that when Gov. Rick Perry was asked about the prominence of the Gulen/Harmony Schools in Texas and why he had allowed them to flourish in our state using our tax dollars, he said that he was unaware about the dangers of these schools. This seems strange to me since I and other grassroots citizens have been sending his staff, the entire Texas Legislature, the print media (including the Austin American-Statesman), and many other elected officials these informative articles about the dangers of the Gulen Schools for well over a year now. Obviously until the New York Times wrote its investigative report on June 6, 2011, many of our elected officials chose to ignore the pleas of concerned grassroots citizens. Thankfully some of these officials are beginning to put two and two together about the Gulen/Harmony Schools. — Donna Garner]

Some lawmakers have second thoughts about Turkey trips

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