Some Governmental Interference

Dec 14, 2015 by


Michael F. Shaughnessy –

It seems that increasingly, the government, and its various agencies and more and more involved in our lives, and when I say lives, I should say our medical lives.

Apparently, I have to now fill out forms to get a certain salve or cream or balm for my feet. I can not longer use some medication that used to work, and now I have to use the generic stuff ..and I don’t care what any pharmacist says – there ARE differences in the name brand and the generic stuff ( I am not going to call it generic junk, but there do seem to be differences- and anyone with any chronic condition can relate to what I am saying)

Anyway, George Leef has written an excellent piece on the over-involvement of the government in this realm, and I would encourage others to read it and consider his point of view. It was originally published in Forbes and is a brief read.

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