Governor attempts to prevent Common Core mutiny by his GOP…

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CommonCore205x300By Maureen Downey –

Apparently in an effort to stave off a repeal of the Common Core State Standards,  Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order today affirming state sovereignty  in education, prohibiting a federal curriculum to be imposed in Georgia and banning collection of identifiable student data for the feds.

The carefully worded order still allows Common Core to continue in Georgia since it is not a federal initiative, but it does attempt to placate the growing chorus of criticism that Common Core is a federal wolf in state’s clothing.

Will it work to prevent a GOP mutiny this weekend in Athens where the party is meeting?

This statement from one of the chief critics suggests that Deal’s order will not stop the effort to rid Georgia of  Common Core.

Sen. William Ligon (R-Brunswick) has released the following statement in response to Governor Nathan Deal’s Executive Order regarding Georgia’s Common Core Performance Standards:  (I did not edit this piece except to correct the spelling of Gov. Perdue’s name.)

  “I am pleased by Governor Nathan Deal’s decision to sign an Executive Order that recognizes the serious issues surrounding Georgia’s Common Core Performance Standards. While this is a step in the right direction and we appreciate the Governor’s efforts, this does not ultimately move Georgia out of the Common Core Program.

The Executive Order issued today does however make a good faith effort towards preventing the disclosure of our student’s private information.

“Governor Nathan Deal inherited the federal Race to the Top Mandates from the previous administration, and although I’m sure Governor Sonny Pedue had the best intentions at heart, Common Core continues to erode student’s education, removes control of educational standards from state and local authorities and causes significant privacy concerns.

“Our students deserve better. If Georgia continues to participate in Common Core, it must accept 100 percent of the standards word-for-word and we would only be allowed to adopt 15 percent our own standards – this is only after the 100 percent Common Core requirement is fulfilled. Even with the issuing of this Executive Order, educational standards will still be set and controlled by private interests outside of the state.

“Now it’s up to the Georgia Legislature to pick-up where the Governor left off. The Georgia State Legislature represents the will of the people and they are asking us to pass legislation to withdraw Georgia from the Common Core, the national assessments, and the intrusive tracking of student data.

  “Georgia must reassert its constitutional autonomy over education, and I intend to work tirelessly with my colleagues in the General Assembly to move our state towards a more transparent, democratic process of developing statewide curriculum standards.”

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