Gov’t seeing value in abstinence ed?

Oct 23, 2018 by

A leading voice for teen abstinence can guess why the federal government continues to increase funding for Sexual Risk Avoidance Education.abstinence teens holding hands

Mary Ann Mosack, president and CEO of Ascend, says the 2019 federal appropriations bill contains $35 million for Sexual Risk Avoidance Education, which is $10 million more than the previous year. She says Congress introduced a line item for SRAE back in 2012 with $5 million, and it has incrementally increased the amount each year since.

“Congress was increasingly becoming aware of the value of these programs and willing to put funding behind their belief,” Mosack tells OneNewsNow.


Planned Parenthood, however, is still the number-one sex educator in America, so she says parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens need to be involved. Mosack urges them to find out what is being taught, who is teaching the kids, and what qualifies the teachers for that job.

In addition to the line item funding, there is $75 million in Title V block grants, which brings the total to $110 million for abstinence education.

Source: Gov’t seeing value in abstinence ed?

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