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Driving is an essential skill for everyday life. A day without driving in modern life is almost impossible. Whether you know driving or not, some part of your daily life will pass through this skill. Some people can drive well, some others can’t. Many people get nervous at driving seat. Some people become uncomfortable at busy traffic, high speed zones or high-density population areas. It doesn’t mean they have psychological disorder. It only means that they have lack of confidence in a specific job like driving. One reason of such condition might be the fact that the person on driving seat doesn’t practice on road in a proper way. Another reason might be the person went through some kind of adverse situation which formed a “driving phobia” in him. Whatever the reason is, the only way to overcome such situation is practice.

New South Wales RMS has Graduated Licensing Scheme that helps students to gain enough experience to drive safely. This process takes 4 years for young drivers under 25. It consists of 4 stages of license type – Learner (L), Provisional 1 Red (P1), Provisional 2 Green (P2) and Unrestricted License. Learner license can be obtained after passing Driving Knowledge Test (DKT), a computer-based test taken at RMS. If you are under 25, you need to hold the L for at least 1 year and complete 120 hours including 20 hours of night driving. It doesn’t apply to you if you are over 25. After holding the L for minimum 10 months, you need to pass Hazard Perception Test (HPT), again another computer-based test before going for on road driving test. Over 25 drivers are not required to wait for 10 months before HPT. Once you pass the driving test, you get P1 license. All drivers with P1 need to wait another 1 year before graduating to P2. Once you get your P2, you need to wait for another 2 years to apply for Unrestricted License. A research shows that P1 and P2 drivers (only 8% of total NSW drivers) have the highest record of accidents. The four years licensing scheme gives young drivers an opportunity to learn on road skills to drive safe.

MD Driving Lessons is one of the fastest growing driving schools in Bankstown. They have professional instructor and proper vehicle for learner drivers. They focus on developing safe driving skills and help learners to overcome nervousness (and overconfidence!). Either you are a fresh beginner or intermediate learner just want to pass the test at shortest period of time – they have proper package for all. For beginners – they teach vehicle controls, road rules, maneuvers, driving at high speed zones, road scanning, safety distance and overall safe driving skills. As part of test preparation, MD Driving Lessons will teach you some tips and tricks to pass the test quickly. This driving school has the highest pass record. They are currently operating in Bankstown and surrounding areas like Lakemba, Punchbowl, Condell Park, Yagoona and Wiley Park.

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