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Last week  the Dayton Ohio School District, hosted a day of training to help their district select the best teachers based on the Haberman research. Also attending, by invitation, five staff members from the  Wellston City School District, including Superintendent  Karen Boch, all of whom attended the Haberman Star Teacher Selection training event. The Haberman Star Teacher Selection  training includes the research, questions, scoring of each dimension assessed on the interview researched and developed by Dr. Martin Haberman’s 50 years of work. This protocol has 12 doctoral research studies and is being used nationally by large city districts as well as those in rural America. Here is a brief testimony from Superintendent Boch, that is both encouraging  and so valid when school leaders use the research with integrity. We believe this is worthy information for educators regarding what can be accomplished when research based interviewing is embraced for the benefit of the children and youth of America!

Delia Stafford

Wellston City Schools is a small rural district located in SE Ohio.



Wellston City Schools is a small rural district located in SE Ohio.

Wellston City Schools is using the STAR Teacher Pre-Screener and Live Interviewing process to select teacher candidates.  Our first experience with the Pre-Screener was approximately (1) year ago.  However, just this week, we used the live interview protocol with possible Intervention Specialists’ candidates.

To date, we have only used the process which includes both the pre-screener and the live interview with 5 candidates. Three of the candidates interview score was less than or equal to (2) points when comparing it to the pre-screener.  The fourth candidate was within less than 5 points.

One of the struggles we have experienced with the interviewing process is that some candidates are very good at answering questions asked but it is often difficult to tell their core beliefs about teaching and learning. As a result, we started looking at the interviewing process established by Dr. Haberman.

After attending the training, my concern was that there are only a limited number of questions and how would we be able to get enough information to determine if the candidate is a good fit.  After doing the first two interviews, I realized how flawed my concern really was.  Because of the way the questions are framed and the rubric provided, one can very quickly learn a lot about the candidates core beliefs which is the essential component that has been missing from our process.

We are very new at this and the verdict is still out.  However, we have been interviewing since May and for the first time (week of June 17th), I feel more confident about the process we are using.

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