Great Ways To Market Yourself Into A New Marketing Job

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When applying for a new role, everyone is told to stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of competition, and you don’t want to blend into the background. Dressing to impress works well, as does a firm handshake and eye contact, but they are all marketing techniques. As a marketer, this puts you at a distinct advantage because you can use your skills to pay the bills, so to speak. With the right strategy, the position should be yours for the taking. Here is a handful of great selections on how you can market your way into a new, fresh role. Good luck!

Be Active

Companies don’t want applicants to rehash the job specification, and they will expect more from a person that should know better. Keeping up to date with the latest trends is essential then, which is where a master of marketing online comes in handy. With good teachers comes quality content, the kind you can use in an interview. Also, remember to show potential employers what you have to offer with a visual display. Online portfolios make it easier for candidates to put together a smorgasbord of key skills and talents. Plus, there are social platforms such as LinkedIn too.

And Social

Speaking of social media, always follow them on Twitter and add them on Facebook. The simple truth is that you can get yourself on their radar with a couple of strategic posts. All it takes is to retweet a post to your followers and they will take notice. Then, by the time the interview comes around, the name, or at least your handle, should be familiar. “Oh, aren’t you the person who…” “Yes, sir/madam, it is I!” Twitter and FB are the two biggies, but YouTube is another platform to consider as is Instagram.


Add Value

A job application never seems like a good time to be funny or witty; let’s keep it strictly businesslike. However, too many applicants will go down the formal route and merge into one. Marketers should understand the need to be visible, which is why adding value is imperative. And, no, this isn’t referring to your skill set. Instead, focus on the things that make the recipient stand up and take note. Are they a fan of travelling, for example? Okay, include a hostel meme or a map of where you have been before ending up applying for the role. It’s novel yet effective.


Many sites have files that users can download and you should take the time to get familiar. The reason is that these documents may contain valuable information and give you an insight into the firm. Research is vital, and that is why it should never stop at a five-minute glance of the homepage. To really give yourself a chance, analyse their offerings and their strengths and weaknesses. SWOT analysis allows you to provide hints and tips in the interview that will (hopefully) grab someone’s attention.

What skills do you think are the most important?

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