Group Letter in Support of Gail Heriot, Esq. as the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights

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Group Letter in Support of Gail Heriot, Esq.  as the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the  Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights

PDF File Group Letter in Support of Gail Heriot 1.13.17

Article I of the U.S. Constitution states, “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” To this end, the Congress enacted the Administrative Procedure Act, designed to ensure that any binding policy directives issued by the Executive Branch first undergo public review-and-comment.  Unfortunately, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has repeatedly ignored this requirement, 1 particularly in regard to its interpretation of Title IX of the Education Amendments, the 1972 law designed to stop sex discrimination in schools. In recent years, the OCR has issued numerous Dear Colleague Letters (DCLs) that impose new, substantive requirements on colleges and universities.  These Dear Colleague Letters are often followed by detailed “Questions and Answers” documents, aggressive enforcement investigations, and Determination Letters that mandate the implementation of the numerous DCL provisions. The growing number of investigations has in turn been used to justify requests for additional funding, when the real problem is an executive branch agency that is engaging in abusive over-reach.2 These policies have had a pervasive, harmful effect on free speech3 and due process4 on college campuses. Collectively, the OCR actions represent a flagrant violation of Article I of the Constitution and an unlawful usurpation of Congressional powers. Numerous individuals and groups have spoken out in opposition to the OCR actions, in the form of statements by law professors,5 thousands of editorials,6 and lawsuits against the Office for






Civil Rights.7 When questioned by lawmakers about these practices, Department of Education officials have dishonestly claimed their DCLs represent non-binding “guidance.”8 Referring to the Department of Education, the incoming Trump Administration has vowed to “cut its power and reach” to make it more responsive and accountable to the American public and to local school authorities.9 This will require a Department of Education Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights who has the requisite credentials, including an in-depth understanding of the functioning of the Office for Civil Rights and an unwavering commitment to civil rights. Such a person is Gail Heriot, a professor of law at University of San Diego School of Law, where she teaches the law and history of civil rights, and a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. Professor Heriot has a demonstrated commitment to restoring control over public education to state and local authorities. She also believes a free people must be governed by their elected representatives, not by OCR bureaucrats.  Gail Heriot has repeatedly expressed concerns with the current policies and actions of the Office for Civil Rights:
x On February 26, 2015, Gail Heriot and fellow Commissioner Peter Kirsanow wrote a letter to the members of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees, opposing consideration of budget increases to OCR.10 x In December, 2015 Heriot stated she was “baffled” by the 6% budget increase granted to the OCR by a Republican-controlled Congress.11 x In May, 2016 Heriot testified before the House Judiciary Committee on the problem of executive overreach, specifically highlighting the OCR.12 Her full resume is available for public review.13 The Congressional Research Service recently explained that executive branch directives that “are not issued pursuant to the notice and comment rulemaking procedures of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), and thus generally lack the force and effect of law…and can generally be withdrawn swiftly.14







13 .


The undersigned individuals and organizations support, without reservation, the candidacy of Gail Heriot as the new Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Sincerely, INDIVIDUALS (affiliations indicated for informational purposes only)
Larry Alexander Warren Distinguished Professor University of San Diego School of Law

Dean Allen, President Charles Martel Foundation for Religious Freedom Greenville, South Carolina

W. B. Allen Dean Emeritus, James Madison College Emeritus Professor of Political Science Michigan State University

William R. Allen Emeritus Professor of Economics University of California, Los Angeles

Herbert Appleman Tenured Professor (Retired) English Department Oakland University

J. J. Arias Professor of Economics Georgia College & State University

Hadley Arkes Director, James Wilson Institute on Natural Rights & the American Founding Professor of Jurisprudence Emeritus Amherst College

Hal R. Arkes, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Psychology  Ohio State University Former Member of the Ohio State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission

Mr. Daniel Asia Professor of Music, Composer Coordinator, American Culture and Ideas Initiative University of Arizona

Steve Balch Founding President of the National Association of Scholars Director of the Institute for the Study of Western Civilization Texas Tech University

Daniel Barnhizer Professor College of Law Michigan State University

Michael Barton, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of American Studies & Social Science Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg

Stephen Baskerville Professor of Government Patrick Henry College

Jay Bergman Professor of History Central Connecticut State University

David E. Bernstein George Mason University Foundation Professor at Antonin Scalia Law School George Mason University

Leonard Billet Retired Professor of Political Science California State University, Northridge

Eleanor Blais Public School Teacher San Diego County

Jan H. Blits Professor Emeritus University of Delaware

Walter E. Block, Ph.D. Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business Loyola University New Orleans

Maureen Blum CEO Strategic Coalitions & Initiatives, LLC Washington, D.C.

George Bornstein Professor of English, Emeritus Department of English University of Michigan

Louis Bouchard Associate Professor of Chemistry University of California, Los Angeles

Bayard Boyle Co-Chairman Boyle Investment Company Memphis, Tennessee

James Bradfield Professor Emeritus of Economics Hamilton College

Robert J. Bresler Professor Emeritus of Public Policy Penn State University – Harrisburg

Dr. Loretta Breuning Professor Emerita of Management California State University, East Bay

John T. Broom, Ph.D. Associate Program Director of Academics Masters of Military History Program College of Graduate and Continuing Studies Norwich University Northfield, Vermont

Catharine Savage Brosman Professor Emerita of French, Tulane University Honorary Research Professor, University of Sheffield

Kingsley R. Browne Professor of Law Wayne State University Law School

M. Northrup Buechner Associate Professor of Economics St. John’s University

Vicki Law Burger Former Member, Commission on Civil Rights, Wyoming Committee Former Member, Natrona County School District Board of Trustees

Anne Burley Professor Emerita Towson University

Stephen H. Burns, Ph.D. Professor of Electrical Engineering (Retired) U.S. Naval Academy

Adam Candeub Professor of Law Michigan State University

Paul A. Cantor Clifton Waller Barrett Professor of English University of Virginia

Louis A. Chandler, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus University of Pittsburgh

Bob Chitester Chairman, President, and CEO Free to Choose Network Erie, Pennsylvania

Noel Lee Chun, M.D. Associate Professor, Anesthesiology School of Medicine University of California, Los Angeles

Betsy Clark Retired Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

David Clemens Professor of English Founder and Coordinator, Great Books Program Monterey Peninsula College

Lloyd Cohen, Ph.D., J.D. Professor of Law Scalia Law School George Mason University

Ward Connerly President American Civil Rights Institute Sacramento, California

Anthony R. Conte Retired Attorney Winchester, Massachusetts

John E. Coons Professor of Law, Emeritus University of California, Berkeley

James Creigh College Trustee Kutak Rock LLP Washington, D.C.

Glynn Custred Professor Emeritus California State University East Bay

Marco Del Giudice University of New Mexico
George W. Dent, Jr. Professor of Law Case Western Reserve University

Thomas Dineen Securities Regulator

Rev. Dr. Gilbert E. Doan Retired from ministry (chiefly in higher education)

Marjorie E. Donovan, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology Department of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences Pittsburg State University

Edward R. Dougherty Distinguished Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Texas A&M University

Donald A. Downs Alexander Meiklejohn Emeritus Professor of Political Science  Affiliate Professor of Law and Journalism University of Wisconsin – Madison

John Droz, Jr. Physicist Founder, Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions Morehead City, North Carolina

Dr. Kurt Ellenburger Professor of Music Frederik Meijer Honors College Grand Valley State University

John Ellis Chair, California Association of Scholars Emeritus Professor of German Literature Former Dean, Graduate Division  University of California, Santa Cruz

Kenneth G. Elzinga Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics University of Virginia
James E. Enstrom President, Scientific Integrity Institute Research Professor/Researcher (Retired) School of Public Health University of California, Los Angeles

David G. Epstein, Ph.D. Colonel U.S. Army (Retired) Retired Director of Foreign Police Anti Terrorism Training, U.S. Dept. of State Former Chief of Police Savannah, Georgia

Richard Epstein Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law,  New York University  Peter and Kirsten Bedford Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law, Emeritus and Senior Lecturer, University of Chicago Law School

James S. Fay Attorney at Law Emeritus, Professor of Political Science California State University, East Bay

Peter M. Felker Professor of Chemistry University of California, Los Angeles

Brian Fiedler Professor of Meteorology University of Oklahoma

Thomas J. Figueira Distinguished Professor of Classics and of Ancient History Department of Classics Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Gordon E. Finley, PhD Professor of Psychology Emeritus Florida International University

William Hughes Fitzhugh Founder, The Concord Review Sudbury, Massachusetts
Marsha Frey Professor of History Kansas State University

Bruce P. Frohnen Ella and Ernest Fisher Professor of Law Ohio Northern University College of Law

Mary Campbell Gallagher, JD, PhD President BarWrite and BarWrite Press New York City, New York

Bruce Gans Founder and Past Director of the Wright College Great Books Curriculum and National Great Books Consortium Wright College, Retired Professor Chicago, Illinois

Eric Gans Distinguished Professor of French, Emeritus University of California, Los Angeles

Edward F. Gehringer Associate Professor, Computer Science North Carolina State University

Charles Geshekter Professor Emeritus of History California State University, Chico

Gerald Gillespie Emeritus Professor Stanford University

William Gillham Professor Emeritus Albion College

Dr. Bruce Gilley Professor of Political Science Director of Doctoral Program in Public Affairs & Policy Mark O. Hatfield School of Government Portland State University

Philip Gleason, Ph.D. Retired Speech Scientist and Programmer Formerly with I.B.M.

Daniel Gordon Professor of History University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Mary Grabar, PhD Resident Fellow Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization Clinton, New York

Donald D. Gray, PhD Professor Emeritus West Virginia University

Steven Grosby Professor of Religion Clemson University

George Hagedorn Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Virginia Tech University

R. Cargill Hall Emeritus Chief Historian National Reconnaissance Office Department of Defense

Jim Hawkins Emeritus Professor Santa Monica College

W. Lee Hansen Professor Emeritus, Economics University of Wisconsin – Madison

Phil Harper, JD, MBA, CPA Associate Professor of Accounting (retired) Middle Tennessee State University

Ann Hartle Professor Emeritus Emory University

Richard F. Hassing Research Associate Professor Catholic University of America

Jim Hawkins Emeritus Professor Santa Monica College

John Earl Haynes 20th Century Political Historian (retired) Manuscript Division, Library of Congress

Tyler Haynes, PhD Professor of Mathematics (retired) Saginaw Valley State University

Robert F. Hebert Emeritus Professor of Economics, Auburn University Former Russell Foundation Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies Auburn University

Bruce Heiden Professor of Classics The Ohio State University

Arthur D. Hellman Professor of Law and Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair University of Pittsburgh

Dan Hepler, PhD Lecturer, University Writing Program University of California, Riverside

Patricia L. Herbold U.S. Ambassador (retired)

Mark Y. Herring Dean of Library Services Winthrop University

Max Hocutt Emeritus Professor of Philosophy University of Alabama

Albert Huff Retired, Director of Research Biggin Kennin Laboratories

Irene Woo Hurlbert Librarian Emeritus University of California, San Diego

Stuart H. Hurlbert Emeritus Professor of Biology San Diego State University

Scott Idleman Professor of Law Marquette University

Jonathan B. Imber Jean Glasscock Professor of Sociology Wellesley College

Dr. Christina Jeffrey Retired Professor of Political Science Kennesaw State University Appointed Historian of 104th Congress by Speaker Newt Gingrich

Jason Jewell Professor of Humanities Faulkner University

William Foster Jones Retired College Advancement Officer

Jonathan Katz Professor of Physics Washington University

Carleen M. Kemmerling American Civil Rights Institute Sacramento, California

Earl Wm. Kennedy, ThD Senior Research Fellow A. C. Van Raalte Institute Hope College Holland, Michigan

Katherine Kersten Senior Policy Fellow Center of the American Experiment Golden Valley, Minnesota

Jascha Kessler Emeritus Professor of Modern English & American Literature University of California, Los Angeles

Peter N. Kirsanow Current Member, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Former Member, National Relations Board

Daniel Klein Professor of Economics George Mason University

Howard J. Klein Attorney at Law Registered Patent Attorney Former Member, USPTO Patent Public Advisory Committee

Richard Klein Bruce K. Gould Distinguished Professor of Law Touro Law School

Robert A. Klump Director, Raichle Pre-Law Center Canisius College

Robert C. Koons Professor of Philosophy University of Texas at Austin

David B. Kopel Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law Sturm College of Law Denver University

William Korach Chairman, Republican Party St. John’s County St. Augustine, Florida

John L. Korey Professor Emeritus of Political Science California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California

Alan Charles Kors Henry Charles Lea Professor of History University of Pennsylvania

Bill Kuechler Professor, Information Systems College of Business  University of Nevada

George R. La Noue Author, Improbable Excellence: The Saga of UMBC Research Professor of Political Science Research Professor of Public Policy School of Public Policy University of Maryland Baltimore County

Dr. Barton Lane Emeritus Professor School of Medicine Stanford University

John H. Langbein Sterling Professor Emeritus of Law and Legal History Yale University

Mitchell Langbert, PhD Associate Professor Brooklyn College

Robert E. Lawson Professor Emeritus Ohio State University

Dr. David R. Legates Professor of Geography University of Delaware

Abraham Levine Emeritus Professor, Sociology El Camino College Torrance, California
Stan Liebowitz Ashbel Smith Professor University of Texas at Dallas

Herbert London President, London Center for Policy Research New York City, New York

Bobby Lopez International Children’s Rights Institute Associate Professor of English and Classics  California State University, Northridge

Daniel H. Lowenstein Emeritus Professor of Law University of California, Los Angeles

Heather Mac Donald Thomas W. Smith Fellow Manhattan Institute

Dr. Matthew Malkan Professor of Physics & Astronomy University of California, Los Angeles

Michael J.P. Maller Professor of Mathematics Queens College, City University of New York

Joseph H. Manson Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California, Los Angeles

Kenneth L. Marcus Formerly Delegated the Authority of Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights U.S. Department of Education

Wight Martindale Retired, Senior Vice President Lehman Brothers Managing Director, Guggenheim Capital Markets

Ken Masugi Ashbrook Center Lecturer, Political Science Advanced Academic Programs  Johns Hopkins University

Angelo Mazzocco Mount Holyoke College

Robert McAvoy Political Science Professor Hill College

Bill McBride Former Teacher Mansfield Senior High School Mansfield, Ohio

Loretta McBride Retired Business and Economics Teacher

Michael McConnell Frances & Richard Mallery Professor Stanford Law School Director, Stanford Constitutional Law Center Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

Robert T. Miller Professor of Law and F. Arnold Daum Fellow in Corporate Law University of Iowa College of Law Fellow and Program Affiliated Scholar Classical Liberal Institute New York University School of Law

Frederic E. Mohs Mohs, MacDonald, Widder, Paradise & Van Note, LLC Madison, Wisconsin Former University Regent

Martha Montelongo Former host, Gadfly Radio

Velma Montoya, PhD Regent Emerita University of California

James E. Moore, II Immediate Past President, Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers  Professor, Vice-Dean for Academic Programs Viterbi School of Engineering University of Southern California

Thomas C. Morrison Retired Attorney Retired University Board Chair

Althea Nagai Research Fellow Center for Equal Opportunity Falls Church, Virginia

Grant S. Nelson William H. Rehnquist Professor of Law Pepperdine University Professor of Law Emeritus, University of California, Los Angeles

Anthony Nicastro Visiting Professor of Italian Williams College

Dennis R. Nolan Distinguished Professor Emeritus University of South Carolina

Patrick D. Nolan Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology University of South Carolina

Dr. B. Nelson Ong Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of International Studies Program School of Arts and Sciences College of New Rochelle

Valery Orr Author, Speaker, Filmmaker Denver, Colorado

Thomas L. Pangle Joe R. Long Endowed Chair in Democratic Studies Department of Government University of Texas at Austin

Robert L. Paquette Executive Director  Alexander Hamilton Institute Professor of History, Hamilton College

Richard Parker Williams Professor of Law Harvard Law School

Hal Pashler Distinguished Professor of Psychology University of California, San Diego

Jill D. Pasteris Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Washington University, St. Louis

Douglas Lane Patey Sophia Smith Professor of English Smith College

Stanley G. Payne University of Wisconsin – Madison

Dr. Judea Pearl Professor Computer Science Department University of California, Los Angeles

Eric Pearson Chairman American Sports Council

Richard P. Phelps Nonpartisan Education Group

John D. Peebles, CCIM, SIOR Principal, Senior Consultant NAI Mobile Mobile, Alabama

William S. Peirce Professor Emeritus of Economics Case Western Reserve University

Mark J. Perry, PhD Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute Professor of Academics University of Michigan – Flint

N. Christopher Phillips Professor of Mathematics University of Oregon

Michael Poliakoff Higher Education Writer and Scholar Washington, D.C.

Sheldon D. Pollack Professor of Law & Legal Studies University of Delaware

Harry W. Power, PhD Professor Emeritus of Behavioral Ecology Rutgers University

R. Lawrence Purdy Attorney at Law Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sam Ratcliffe Head of Bywaters Special Collections Hamon Arts Library Southern Methodist University

David Remington Trustee Emeritus, Brown University Director Emeritus, Gettysburg Foundation

Glenn Ricketts Professor of Political Science Raritan Valley Community College Somerville, NJ Public Affairs Director National Association of Scholars

Arnold Robbins, MD Clinical Professor Boston University Medical Center

Jenna A. Robinson James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Raleigh, North Carolina

Norman Rogers Senior Policy Advisor, Heartland Institute Board of Directors, CO2 Coalition Board of Directors, National Association of Scholars

Jerome Rogoff, MD Former Lecturer on Psychiatry Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts

Eric J. Rosenberg Attorney at Law Rosenberg & Ball Co., LPA Granville, Ohio

Donald Rosencrantz Retired, Research and Development Engineer, U.S. Navy Research Associate, Institute of Nautical Archaeology College Station, Texas

David J. Rothman Director, Graduate Program in Creative Writing Western State Colorado University

Larry Sand President, California Teachers Empowerment Network Woodland Hills, California

Rick Sander Professor of Law University of California, Los Angeles

William Saxby Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences Professor of Psychology Colorado Christian University
Joseph D. Schulman, M.D. Former Professor School of Medicine George Washington University

Howard S. Schwartz Professor Emeritus Oakland University Rochester, Michigan

Richard B. Schwartz Emeritus Professor of English and Dean of the College of Arts and Science University of Missouri, Columbia

Maimon Schwarzschild Professor of Law  University of San Diego

George Seaver, Ph.D. Contributor to NASS President, Oceanographic Instrument Company, SeaLite Engineering

Allen W. Shafter Professor of Astronomy San Diego State University

Carolyn Sharette Executive Director American Preparatory Schools Draper, Utah

Jaigobin Shivcharran, PhD Professor of Linguistics

Harvey Silverglate Co-Founder, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  Lawyer and Author Cambridge, Massachusetts

Brian M. Sirman Lecturer Boston University

Royal Skousen Professor of Linguistics Brigham Young University

Jay Spaulding Emeritus Professor of History Kean University Union, New Jersey

John P. Stead, PhD Vice President for Academic Affairs Professor of History and Political Studies The Master’s University Santa Clarita, California

Kosta Steliou Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Research Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology Professor, Cancer Research Boston University School of Medicine

James A. Stever Professor Emeritus University of Cincinnati

Dr. James J. Stewart Collegiate Professor University of Maryland, University College

Frederic M. Stiner, Jr., CPA, PhD Retired Faculty University of Delaware

David C. Stolinsky, MD Retired Faculty School of Medicine University of Southern California

J. E. Stone President, Education Consumers Foundation Professor, College of Education East Tennessee State University

Sandra Stotsky Professor of Education Emerita 21st Century Chair in Teacher Quality University of Arkansas

Kaare W. Strom Distinguished Professor of Political Science University of California, San Diego

Peter Suedfeld, PhD, FRSC Dean Emeritus of Graduate Studies Professor Emeritus of Psychology University of British Columbia

Kendall F. Svengalis President, New England LawPress Adjunct Professor of Library & Information Studies (retired) University of Rhode Island

Richard L. Swallow, PhD Professor Emeritus of Biology Coker College Hartsville, South Carolina

Richard Sypher Law Partner White & Case (Retired) Dewey Ballantine (Retired) Professor of English Hofstra University (Retired)

George C. Thomas, III Rutgers Board of Governors Professor of Law, Judge Alexander P. Waugh, Sr. Distinguished Scholar Rutgers University

Jackson Toby Professor of Sociology Emeritus Rutgers University

Marc Trachtenberg Research Professor of Political Science University of California, Los Angeles

Warren Treadgold NEH Professor of Byzantine Studies Department of History Saint Louis University

Stanley W. Trimble, PhD Professor of Geography Emeritus University of California, Los Angeles

Daniel A. Taylor Associate Professor Southern College of Optometry

Stuart Taylor, Jr. Journalist and author Washington, D.C.

John C. Thomas Colonel USMC (Retired) Retired Aerospace Executive Boeing and Rockwell Collins

Lori B. Tucker, Esq. Boston, MA

James Van Houten Retired Trustee and Audit Chair Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Royce Van Tassell Executive Director Utah Association of Public Charter Schools

Richard Vedder Edwin and Ruth Kennedy Distinguished Professor of Economics Ohio University

Eugene Volokh Gary T. Schwartz Professor of Law University of California, Los Angeles

Donald H. Wacome, PhD Professor of Philosophy Northwestern College

David H. Wallace, PhD Retired Professor of Biblical Studies

Andrew J. Waskey Professor of Political Science Dalton State College Dalton, Georgia
Bradley C. S. Watson Professor of Politics and Philip M. McKenna Chair in American and Western Political Thought Saint Vincent College

Sylvia Wasson Professor of Languages Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa, California

John C. Wenger Professor Emeritus Harold Washington College City Colleges of Chicago

Ralph Dave Westfall Emeritus, California Polytechnic University Pomona, California

Dr. Keith Whitaker President, Wise Counsel Research Milton, Massachusetts

Richard W. White, Jr. Author, Rude Awakenings: What the Homeless Crisis Tells Us Retired Division Chief, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity

Mark Wilensky, CPA Retired Professor College of Staten Island  City University of New York

James M. Windham Co-Chairman Texas Aspires Foundation Austin, Texas

Chris Wonnell Professor of Law University of San Diego

Professor Nancy Yonge, PhD, JD, LLM School of Law Golden Gate University

Joe C. Young Attorney Charlotte, North Carolina

S. Stanley Young, PhD Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger’s Syndrome, Inc. Centerville, Massachusetts

Dr. Mark Zunac Associate Professor of English Department of Languages & Literatures University of Wisconsin – Whitewater


Families Advocating for Campus Equality Cynthia Garrett, Co-President Alison Scott, Co-President

Home School Legal Defense Association William A. Estrada, Esq. Director of Federal Relations

James G. Martin Center for Academic Reform George C. Leef Director of Research

National Association of Scholars  Peter W. Wood President

National Coalition for Men – Carolinas  Gregory J. Josefchuk President

SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments Gina Lauterio, Esq. Program Director

Students Advocating for Students Jake Goldberg President

This Group Letter was developed by SAVE. For more information, contact Christopher Perry, Esq. at   1/13/2017

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