Group sues over Idaho’s participation in Common Core

Sep 29, 2015 by

BOISE — For the first time, Common Core is being challenged by a group in Idaho.

A dozen taxpayers and parents, along with the Idaho Freedom Foundation and Idaho Business Alliance, say the national standards are unconstitutional.

In 2010 Idaho, along with more than 40 other states, joined the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, or SBAC.

The national standards for education have been controversial since day one.

Common Core was implemented in 2013, with many against it in Idaho, and others fully supporting it.

At the time, a local professor told us, “the Common Core has an emphasis on deeper level processing and high level teaching.”

But attorney Christ Troupis says since then he believes the new education model has failed.

“I became really horrified by what it could do to America,” said Troupis.

Troupis says he had problems with it personally, but also legally. He says the agreement made by nearly all the states to enter the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium was unconstitutional since it didn’t get approval by Congress. He adds that when the federal funding ended last year, Idaho taxpayers started footing the bill.

“In 2014 the money ran out, now the state of Idaho has to pay taxpayer money for testing, for membership in SBAC,” said Troupis.

He says that amounts to about $6 million a year, plus millions more in teacher development.

Now, he’s filed a lawsuit against Idaho’s governor, the state superintendent of schools, and president of the school board.

“It would also serve as a definitive statement to states elsewhere that Common Core is unconstitutional and would strengthen the grassroots movement we’ve seen to get rid of Common Core,” said Troupis.

The plaintiffs in the case are a dozen conservative parents and taxpayers who Troupis says simply want Idaho’s education system to be governed by Idaho educators — not the federal government.

“We think it’s an important issue, vital for Idaho for its sovereignty and for the future of our children,” said Troupis.

Since 2010 several states originally involved with Common Core have backed out. Troupis says a similar lawsuit was recently won in Missouri at the state level.

The Idaho Governor’s Office and the Idaho Education Association could not comment since they are still reviewing the lawsuit.

Source: Group sues over Idaho’s participation in Common Core

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