Guess where Professor Lockdown got his ideas … China’s police state

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Ferguson spoke of SAGE’s growing admiration for China’s tyrannical attempts to contain Covid

Prof Neil Ferguson coronavirus mastermind of the UK lockdown, others -  Business Insider

One of the strangest things about our recent national madness has been the role of Professor Neil Ferguson, the physicist who has somehow come to dominate Johnson’s Covid policy.

Physicist? Yes, that is his main academic discipline. He doesn’t even have a Biology O-level, as he himself cheerfully admits. But that’s no odder than his repeated record of wild predictions of vast numbers of deaths, for a variety of diseases from foot-and-mouth to mad cow, which can kindly be described as exaggerated.

And then there’s his complicated private life, which resulted in a pretty clear breach of the miserable restrictions he had helped to impose on the rest of us. As with all such cases, I don’t blame him for breaking the stupid rules. I despise him as a hypocrite for supporting them and then thinking they didn’t apply to him.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said at the time that it was ‘just not possible’ for Ferguson to continue advising the Government. But this was not true. The professor was said to have resigned from the SAGE advisory committee. But did he? Not really. A current State website lists him as a member of the ‘New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group’ (NERVTAG). Minutes suggest he was only ever away from that for a few weeks. But this is small potatoes, set beside an amazing admission by Ferguson in a recent interview with the semi-official newspaper The Times. Here, Ferguson spoke of SAGE’s growing admiration for China’s tyrannical attempts to contain Covid.

To begin with they thought – with good reason – that the dishonest and repressive Chinese state was covering up the truth about the Wuhan outbreak. I am sure they still are covering it up.

Alex Jones breaks down the globalist’s plan to effectively end humanity.

Last week, after a ‘trial’ of a few hours, Zhang Zhan, 37, a Chinese former lawyer and citizen journalist, was sentenced to four years in prison. She was originally arrested in Wuhan in May for ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble’ – a non-crime often alleged against dissidents in China. Then she was charged with ‘disseminating false information’ about Wuhan.

She went on hunger strike against her treatment. But this was China, not a free country. Her lawyer says (and I don’t doubt it) that she had a feeding tube forcibly inserted and her arms restrained to stop her pulling it out. Those who managed to see her in the courtroom before she was condemned and sent off to Peking’s Gulag say she appeared there in a wheelchair, her hair cropped.

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Source: Guess where Professor Lockdown got his ideas … China’s police state

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