Guilty schools should forfeit federal funds, says Green

Nov 7, 2020 by

With a Department of Education investigation uncovering $6.5 billion that some of America’s most elite universities have failed to report, though they’re required to by law, a researcher of economic policy and culture says it’s time to question what top-tier universities are teaching their students.

According to The Epoch Times, federal law requires schools to disclose substantial foreign gifts and contracts to the Department of Education (DOE) twice a year. Of the 12 elite universities under investigation, including Carnegie Mellon and Harvard, many have failed to do so for years, while others severely underreported the income.

Those universities are now hurriedly disclosing their foreign donations in an attempt to keep Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from reporting them to the Justice Department.

Derryck Green of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network explains that the huge foreign sums are donated to buy influence.

“These foreign countries are able to pay off, in essence, top-tier universities,” he tells OneNewsNow. “We have to question what our students are learning while they’re there and what they’re taking out into the world once they graduate.”


Green is infuriated that American taxpayers are subsidizing these universities with billions of dollars.

“I also think that some of these colleges that have deliberately underreported and deliberately not reported the amount that they receive be fined in a way that they cannot accept for a certain amount of years federal money for student loans,” he suggests.

The Times also reports the donations are used to pilfer intellectual property and research and to recruit talent.

The schools reportedly received more than $19.6 billion in foreign gifts and contracts from 2014 to 2020, including nearly $1.5 billion from China, almost $3.1 billion from Qatar, and more than $1.1 billion from Saudi Arabia, according to historical DOE data and most recent figures posted on its new online reporting portal.

Source: Guilty schools should forfeit federal funds, says Green

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