Gulen-Inspired Schools Under Fire

Dec 9, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

On 12.8.11 reporter Jacqueline Crea of Channel 9, KTSM-TV, El Paso, interviewed me about the Turkish-Gulen-Cosmos Foundation-Harmony Charter Schools:

YouTube video:

Excerpts from this YouTube:

EL PASO- The Harmony Schools in Texas have been accused of indoctrinating Muslim religious beliefs in their curriculum…

Not everyone in the school system is happy with Harmony. Donna Garner, a former teacher in Texas, has been studying these schools for years. She says the schools are a front for an Islamic movement. “They have brought in all these teachers from Turkey, how are they going to teach students about being a good solid American patriot, to learn about the U.S. Constitution, to honor our forefathers, to study the declaration of independence.”

…Garner also recalled a situation at a Harmony School performance in Texas, when students stomped on an American Flag. Whether this is true or not, Harmony Schools insist that they do not teach any Anti-American beliefs.



The FBI and others have ongoing investigations of these schools:


3.22.11: YouTube —

5.9.11: You Tube —

6.6.11 – New York Times:

8.12.11 —

6.9.11 – “Texas Legislature To Launch Investigation of Harmony Schools” —

10.4.11 — “Safeguards Badly Needed for Gulen Charter Schools” — by Donna Garner —




In Texas and in other states, the Cosmos Foundation is the “mother” organization with its individual sites in Texas called “Harmony” charter schools.


It is certainly possible that an effort is being made by these Turkish/Islamic schools to indoctrinate our American children and “prep” them to become homegrown terrorists. The irony is that these Gulen charter schools are using our taxpayers’ dollars to do it.


On 12.7.11 Congress held a Joint Hearing on Homegrown Terrorism:





12.8.11 — Former teachers and employees of Gulen-inspired schools – class action lawsuit:





Another website – Gulen Charter Schools — has joined Harmony Parent, The Truth to expose the Turkish/Islamic organization that is behind the Gulen-inspired schools:



The importance of the article published on Harmony Parent, the Truth (12.4.11) is that it ties Turkish contractors and Turkish organizations back to the Turkish-Gulen-Cosmos Foundation which is behind the Harmony Charter Schools in Texas:


On 11.21.11, Texas Foreclosures and Public Notices carried a proposal from Cosmos Foundation, Inc. to build its new Harmony School of Business in Dallas:


The following statement particularly caught my eye: “The Owner [Cosmos Foundation, Inc.] reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any informality in a bid, and to make awards in the best interest of the Owner.”


To me this looks as if Cosmos Foundation, Inc., which is using our taxpayers’ funds to build these Harmony Charter Schools, does not have to follow the normal bid process and can freely award contracts to Turkish businesses (e.g., the ones mentioned in the following article).


By doing this, the Gulen Movement is controlling great amounts of U. S. taxpayers’ dollars which are being used to support Turkish Islamist businesses and groups.


This is particularly serious since Turkey on 7.29.11 fell into the hands of the Islamists who practice Sharia law:—-man-behind-harmony/View.aspx


Turkey is no longer a friend of the United States. On 12.3.11, Turkish Prime Minister Receb Tayyip Erdogan announced a donation of $300 Million to Hamas:



I do not believe that we taxpayers should be footing Turkish businesses/groups in the United States and for all we know, in Turkey itself.

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