Hacks for making children room more interactive for studying

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Your children’s bedroom is supposed to be their own haven and getaway that spurs creativity, develops their artistic skills and above all encourages them to think in a more challenging and creative manner.

Out of the time spent at home, kids spend the majority of their time in their bedrooms whether sleeping, playing, daydreaming or doing their homework. This is why creating a bedroom that encourages your kids to unleash their inner creativity and reach their full potential is something that should be on your checklist when decorating your house.

Every kid deserves to have his/her own amazing bedroom that can hardly go unnoticed around the house.

Parents first priority should be nurturing their children for they are the future and this means to provide them with all the powerful tools that help change our children’s behaviour and set them on the path to improved mental health and well-being.

And since children’s bedroom is where it all starts, we decided to give you list of 5 hacks to create a fun and interactive children’s bedroom that will make you wish you were a kid again.

1- Film themed bedrooms

Whether its Cinderella or Harry Potter or Lion King, creating a film themed bedroom is always fun. Making your kids feel as if they a part of their favourite movies can widen your kid’s imagination.

Know your kid’s favourite movie and then make their bedroom a tribute to their favourite characters. This also goes for cartoon characters as well.

Incorporate movie themes into your children’s room with unique pieces of wall decor, pillows, furniture and more fun stuff. Your children will probably want to invite all of their friends to their cool and hip bedroom where they would spend the entire day playing their favourite characters. Let your children embark on a journey they will never forget.

2- Creative beds

Your children spend most of their time in their bedrooms, so their bedroom must encourage them to unleash their imagination. When thinking of fun and cool ideas for your children bedroom, you should always start with their beds.

A racing car bed for your little boy is always a creative option for a bed. Even though kids don’t actually get what racing cars are for but most of them like playing the driver role and imagining different scenarios as they take to the road.

As for your little girl, you can go for a castle bed where your girl will spend fun times climbing into a unique castle theme bed at night and be the queen of her own kingdom.

With these creative beds, the sky is the limit!

3- A school themed bedroom

Bring a chalkboard where your children can draw and be creative or practice their writing skills where you could then create a reward area in the same bedroom where they can play and burn their energy after doing good with their studies.

Bring the fun side of the school into your children’s bedroom and make learning fun for your kids.

Be careful in this type of rooms to create an inviting ambience that encourages your children to interact and learn without getting repelled. This can be easily done by incorporating kid-friendly decorating and design strategies that make your children bedroom more conductive to learning.

Creating a room that combines both fun and education can be tricky but when done right will create a calm environment in your child’s bedroom to reduce stress that accompanies stressful learning environments and promote learning

4- Sports rooms

If your kid is into sports, then sports-themed bedrooms are the way to go. Offer your kid a chance to have a space that echoes their favourite hobbies and games.

Play with them and teach that it’s not about winning rather than taking a part of the game itself.

Whether it’s a basketball-themed bedroom or beach volleyball or swimming or karate or football …etc; creating a sports-themed bedroom can be a daunting task but once finished you will be providing your children with a place where they can relax and enjoy their private moments.

Your children will actually spend time in their bedrooms doing interesting, useful and energetic activities.

There is nothing more fun for sports fanatic kids that to have their love of sports reflected in their own bedrooms.

Just pay attention to what sport your kids like and surprise them with the room of their dreams.

5- Colorful bedrooms

Even though this is an obvious choice but most parents tend to ignore it. A colourful bedroom is an inviting bedroom that encourages your kids to enjoy their time, do their homework and have a good night sleep.

Experts always advise here to let your children pick their favourite colours themselves that best reflect their personality.

Always opt for colours that induce creativity and create an enthusiastic atmosphere filled with positive thinking such as inspiring purple and grey or enthusiastic orange, red and yellow or calming blue and green.

This applies for wall colours to furnishings, curtains to literally every inch of your kid’s bedroom.

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