Harassment: School employees who chose to leave their union are identified in a newsletter

Oct 18, 2013 by

STEVENSON, Mich. – A teachers union in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is attempting to shame a handful of school employees who chose to drop their union memberships when the state approved right-to-work legislation.

The local union, Michigan Education Association 17-B/C, used a newsletter to list the names of 16 employees who dropped their membership. Some on the list say the union’s move is a perfect example of why their made their decision, Michigan Capitol Confidential reports.

“The fact that names were published in the newsletter confirmed the thought that some unions would throw their members under a bus at the blink of an eye,” Kathi Moreau, a counselor listed by the MEA, told MCC in an email.

State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, told MCC he isn’t surprised by the MEA’s petty behavior.

“I don’t know if they are naming them as a traitor,” he said. “I would expect that sort of activity to happen.”

Teachers unions typically regard those who opt out of their “services” as “freeloaders” under the premise that they are benefiting from the union’s efforts without paying dues. Union officials never acknowledge that school employees have never requested the union’s “services” in the first place. They were forced to join as a condition of employment, a gross injustice the new right-to-work law has changed.

Ironically, the MEA’s spending habits clearly illustrate the hypocrisy of the “freeloader” argument.

“The MEA spends the majority of dues on the salaries and benefits of its centralized employees,” MCC reports. “According to its most recent federal filings, the union spends only 11 percent on ‘representational activities.’”

In other words, MEA bosses appear to be the biggest union freeloaders of them all.

Wendy Day, a former board member for Howell schools running for state representative, told MCC the “hit list” fits well with the MEA’s culture of bullying those with different viewpoints. Teachers unions are known to target school board members, business owners, teachers and parents who do not support their causes.

The bullying aspect adds another layer of hypocrisy, considering that teachers unions are among the strongest proponents of anti-bullying initiatives in public schools.

“For all of the anti-bullying efforts in our schools these days, this is shameful,” Day said.

Harassment: School employees who chose to leave their union are identified in a newsletter – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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