Hard vs. Soft: What Mattress Style Fits Your Needs

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The choice of a mattress depends on a number of factors and the most important of which is to maintain a good spine health. People usually complain of back pain and uncomfortable sleep because of using the wrong mattress, which is either too soft or too hard. A mattress that comes with medium firmness is recommended for people belonging to all ages but finding the right one is still a challenge due to so many choices available on the market. From memory foams that come that varying levels of firmness to innerspring mattresses and natural latex mattresses, there are quite a number of options to compare.

Which Mattress is Best Suited to Your Sleeping Needs?

Soft and comfortable mattresses are recommended for people who experience chronic back pain. However, a mattress that is extra soft would not offer the kind of support needed for relieving pressure points. Sleeping on a hard mattress will only aggravate back pain especially if the person is used to sleeping on a relatively softer bed. The right firmness helps to relieve pressure points in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. This results in an improved sleep quality by offering natural spine alignment. A latex mattress, made from 100% organic latex, offers adjustable firmness and also offers many other benefits.

A natural latex mattress is neither too hard nor too soft. In addition to offering an adjustable firmness, it also provides temperature regulation and a good level of cushioned support. It does not trap heat inside hence keeping the temperature at an optimal level all through the night. This feature can be further enhanced with the help of a cooling mattress protector to feel more comfortable and get rid of sweating during the night.

A latex mattress can be used in conjunction with a latex pillow and bamboo sheets for a complete natural sleep solution. It is a recommended choice for all types of sleep positions including side, stomach and back sleepers. Other mattresses including memory foams are usually more comfortable for side sleepers.


There are quite a number of mattresses available on the market today. How a person prefers to sleep usually determines the choice of a mattress but it also depends on other factors like overall spine health, body weight and sleep position. A latex mattress offers a comfortable sleep because of its optimum firmness, which can also be adjusted according to the user’s sleeping needs. Foams that are too soft tend to sag over time and need to be replaced. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, last for a long time because of being 100% natural and pure.

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