Harrison Ford Loves His Daddy

Mar 20, 2013 by

Harrison Ford may be the only American simultaneously satisfied with President Barack Obama and Congress yet genuinely fearful of the fallout from sequestration.

The Star Wars actor and aviation enthusiast appeared on the Hill today to caution the country about the potential fallout from sequestration cuts.

“The issue that concerns me, the most important issue to me right now is the closure of some 200 contract towers and the impact that will have on safety,” the “Indiana Jones” star said. “The consequences of this are vast….”

Though this issue has him fired up, on his way out of Longworth, Ford said he’s generally satisfied with both Congress and President Barack Obama.

Ford may not realize Obama’s role in the sequester process, one mostly hidden by mainstream news outlets.

via Harrison Ford Flies to D.C. to Support Air Safety, Defend Obama.

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