Has Vaping Been Used to Help Psychological Disorders?

Jun 20, 2018 by

Recent studies confirm that vaping could be a solution for those suffering from mental disorders. Experts also suggest that it could be the best way to help people quit smoking. There is a lot of talk about vaping and its implications for mental health.

Although these devices have continued to gain popularity, a sort of stigma has started to crop up. Many people believe it’s connected to cigarettes and compare it to smoking. However, the truth is different, and this could be one of the ways to fight the harmful effects of smoking.

So, what are the benefits of vaping in relation to helping people to solve psychological disorders?

The Relaxation

Many smokers will tell you that it’s relaxing to vape and it calms them down. It boils down to their favorite flavors and vaping could be addictive as well, just like smoking. The difference is that with vaping, you are not exposed to the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. So, someone battling stress may seek refuge in an electronic pipe for vaping to kill stress. It is a psychological trick that induces the brain to feel contented, and it could be a good way to fight stress.

This observation can be extrapolated to the placebo effect where someone’s belief in something leads to them to feel better about themselves after consuming the substance. The relaxing effect of vaping could help patients who are fighting conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Sometimes knowing you have a way to calm yourself could be used as a coping mechanism, so vaping plays a key role in helping patients to feel more relaxed.

Calming Effects of Nicotine

The main ingredient is nicotine in which people who vape come in contact. It helps to improve the attention and concentration of the patient and has appealing benefits for mental health patients. Studies show that people who switch to vaping from smoking will have less stress and their levels of agitation will also go down. These studies offer encouragement to those living with mental disorders to switch from smoking to vaping as this is a perfect way to resolve their conditions.

Besides nicotine, most e-liquids are made to mimic flavors of some foods or fruits that people love. For example, you can buy a liquid that gives you the same satisfaction as a cigarette without exposing yourself to smoke. While facing depression, you could use it as a channel to offload the stress and get back on course with fewer frustrations. There are more than 30 flavors available, and you’re now able to pick what satisfies your soul.

Another fact you must acknowledge is the cost factor. When you compare vaping with smoking, it takes less to vape. Some people will suffer worsening of their mental conditions because they cannot afford to fuel their addiction.

Someone who is hooked on smoking may get more stressed and depressed after realizing they cannot afford the money needed to smoke every day. With vaping, which is cheaper, this person can satisfy his/her needs, and it does not take as much money as smoking. It could offer them some relief to realize they can afford their favorite flavor of e-juice.

Knowing that you will have enough juice to get through the week could calm you down and prevent the worsening of your situation.

However, the lack of nicotine in some juices could create a case where the smoker will feel less satisfied with the experience, and so this might push them back to smoking cigarettes. The impact of vaping on mental disorders cannot be viewed through one lens because there are factors like nicotine that contribute to the satisfaction.

One could still draw satisfaction from vaping by choosing an e-juice that offers their favorite flavor. Some people are even using vaping as a way to take medical marijuana, which also contributes to offering a calming effect.

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