What Are The Health Benefits of Banana

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The moment monsoon winds blow away by the fall of august, a humid and hot period leading up to winter troubles a lot of people. October is known as a month when a doctor never takes a leave, the reason behind it is the number of people who fall sick during the months of September and October. The sudden change of climate is usually bad for a person’s health; moreover, such drastic change in humidity pertains to more loss of water from the body. All the diseases that can affect us in these two months can be tackled by one magical fruit- Banana!

Bananas are quite common throughout the year; their availability in the market doesn’t fluctuate. On a general basis, bananas are good, but specifically for the ‘October heat’, they are known as ideal food items.

  • Bananas are energy boosters, try having a banana when you are feeling dull and exhausted. The fruit injects instant energy and introduces the essential good sugars to the body
  • Due to heat exhaustion in humid conditions a person’s blood pressure tends to go down quite easily, bananas regulate blood pressure and keep that good flow intact
  • The fruit enhances digestion, and that has a lot to do with tackling October heat! Most of the fluid in the body is used up to rehydrate the body, leaving very little water for digestion. This causes many cases of indigestion, acidity, vomiting and stomach upsets. Bananas make digestion easier, helping in tackling that in an easier way.

There are many ways of consuming a banana in case you are bored of simply gulping it down. You can make milkshakes and desserts with bananas. Add it in your cereal breakfast or even add it in your fruit salad. No matter which way you choose to consume it, the essential thing is to ensure that you have at least two bananas everyday till winter knocks your door!

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