Heart Muscle Damage Much Worse After COVID Jabs Than All Other Vaccines

Oct 3, 2021 by

Unverified reports of vaccine side effects in VAERS aren't the smoking guns  portrayed by right-wing media outlets – they can offer insight into vaccine  hesitancy

10.3.21 –

“Heart Muscle Damage Much Worse After COVID Jabs Than All Other Vaccines”

By Donna Garner

Taken from OpenVAERS — Through September 24, 2021

[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  OpenVAERS gives easily understood graphs of their data. At the following link, Myocarditis and Pericarditis data from COVID-19 is compared to that of the flu. The graphs explain why so many honest and courageous healthcare professionals from around the world are terribly concerned, particularly about young people getting the COVID-19 jabs: https://openvaers.com/covid-data/myo-pericarditis?utm_source=newsletter_31&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the-openvaers-weekly-report

Please be sure to click on all of the dropdown boxes at the top of the page where it says, “Covid Vaccine Data,” “All VAERS Reports,” “FAQ” —  https://openvaers.com/covid-data/myo-pericarditis?utm_source=newsletter_31&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the-openvaers-weekly-report

Here is the link to the COVID Vaccine Data through Sept. 24, 2021: https://openvaers.com/covid-data


Here is the link to the FAQ on OpenVAERS:  https://openvaers.com/faq


Question:  Is your Data exactly the same as HHS (Health and Human Services) Data? Do you edit or correct it?

Answer: “We do not change, modify or vet data. We take the downloads, upload them to our server and put a different face on them so they are easier to browse and get quick accurate info from. There are mistakes in the data (impossible dates are usually the most obvious), clearly, but we leave it as we get it.”

***OpenVAERS is a private organization that posts publicly available CDC/FDA data of injuries reported post vaccination.  Reports are not proof of causality.



9.24.21 – “Affidavit of LTC. Theresa Long, M D. in Support of a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction Order”  – by Patrick Byrne – Deep Capture —  https://www.deepcapture.com/2021/09/affidavit-of-ltc-theresa-long-m-d-in-support-of-a-motion-for-a-preliminary-injunction-order/

9.27.21 –“Covid-19 Is Not a ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’” — By James D. Agresti – Just Facts Dailyhttps://www.justfactsdaily.com/covid-19-is-not-a-pandemic-of-the-unvaccinated

9.27.21 – “4,200 Physicians Sign Declaration for Early Treatment Of COVID-19, Against Government Intrusion” – Breaking Christian Newshttps://www.breakingchristiannews.com/articles/display_art.html?ID=33807

9.22.21 —  “30 Facts You Need To Know: Your COVID Cribsheet” – by Kit Knightly  — Guardianhttps://off-guardian.org/2021/09/22/30-facts-you-need-to-know-your-covid-cribsheet/

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