Heatstroke and Learning Joys

Jul 22, 2019 by

“Thank you, Nature, for sparing us embarrassment by not putting us to the test!”

That could be the Department of Education’s prayer of gratitude that the two-days of “real-feel” temperature of 110 degrees both fell on the weekend when school programs were not in session.

Had they been, would the DOE’s decision-makers have shown common-sense and chivalry and given the day off to children, teachers and support personnel? Or from their chilled executive suites would they have mandated attendance in classrooms without air-conditioning, fans or functioning windows?

Would the school kitchens, where temperatures are at least 10 degrees above what they are in halls and classrooms, have been staffed by food-handlers, dieticians and cooks taking turns fainting onto the sticky, roach-crowded floors?

It’s a sure bet that even if the air itself were feverish,our bodies felt like they’re on fire and there were joint “Action Day” warnings from the Centers For Disease Control, Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA, schools would be open as usual.

While children’s learning spaces were like the inside of volcanoes, (which are notoriously resistant to blocks-building,) the high pay-grade senior managers would be baking contentedly, lush with sunscreen, in the Hamptons.

Decisions are driven by optics. The public and media must fall for the DOE’s  message that they are earnest about education, which is just too precious to compromise over. 

The big-shots make the system work for them.  On the cool sands they congratulate themselves.

Ron Isaac

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