Help students make informed college choices

Apr 8, 2019 by

Across the nation, millions of students await admissions decisions from colleges and universities while they and their families contemplate how they will afford the costs and what they will achieve from that education.

A postsecondary education, whether university, community college or trade school, is one of the largest investments young people and their families will ever make – with long-lasting consequences.

Yet the information available when making a decision about postsecondary institutions and education programs is terribly lacking.

As the father of six – including one in college right now and three already graduated from college – I, too, have been forced to play this guessing game with my children.

The lack of data regarding the outcomes of these programs is appalling given the costs to students, their families, and frankly taxpayers. Potential students and all taxpayers should readily be able to identify the return on investment of any postsecondary education programs.

Source: Opinion: Help students make informed college choices

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