Here Are 5 Fascinating Tips for Learning Scrabble Words 

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Scrabble is an exciting game that enables one to develop vocabulary. There are more than 120000 two to eight- words that one has to master. However, very few scrabble enthusiasts have mastered this art. Most gamers tend to stick to certain words. They choose words based on letter distribution in a set. They are also likely to choose a word that will crop up. However, you need to learn more words to enjoy better play. The secret lies in looking at the word list. You ought to test your understanding regularly. Below are tips to enable you to learn and practice new words

1. Study flashcards

To learn more words, you ought to have a group of index cards. Scrabble school study flashcards allow one to have a prompt and solution on either side. 

You can have a set of vowel-heavy fours the other hand you might have the prompts. It will enable you to see various reverse solutions and different combinations. You can use these flashcards to test your scrabbling skills regularly. 

2. Solo first move practice 

You ought to start practicing to spot words that you have learned. You can draw appropriate letters and check if you will locate any word in an open move.

You can also select random letters to spot a word. If you miss out on a word, you can repeat the entire process with a fresh set of letters 

3. Start compiling short, manageable lists

You ought to keep your word list simple and efficient. You can start by building several small word-lists instead of a lengthy, comprehensive list. After that, begin with words that have four letters or less. It will enable you to have a preferred list that you can use.

4. Observe the patterns 

You need to search for words that have become grouped due to having similar designs. It’s an easy way to find some vocabulary nuggets. Some words have A, E, I, or O end hooks. You can look at words such as CAM, TOR, ROT, MAN, LOT, or DIV, among others. These words have very many outcomes that can assist you in your scrabbling game. Thus, be keen to spot useful patterns that will enable you to come with the ideal words. 

5. Couplets 

Here’s a valuable segment that will allow you to recall an unusual bonus word. On most occasions, they are words with common anagrams. It’s easy to spot an outstanding word on the rack or board. However, if you have learned about the couplet, you can recall it. You can do this immediately you have come up with a monotonous word on the board as a prompt 


Practicing and learning new words is the only way to become better at scrabble games. While following the above procedures, don’t forget about the scrabble school study flashcards. It’s a robust system that enables you to study about scrabble words. It’s also a time to quiz yourself, thus improving the vocabulary that you have. The more you become familiar with words, the easier it gets to spot it at first sight.

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