Here’s Why KnowledgeHut’s DevOps Foundation Course Is Gaining Popularity

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The demand for DevOps professionals is increasing exponentially in the current IT marketplace. There are 7 different DevOps certifications available. However, the foundational level certification is the introductory course to DevOps which helps individuals to execute the best practices and concepts of Dev Ops and elevate communication and workflow in the organization.

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According to a recent survey conducted across companies of all sizes, it is found that indeed and AngelList has a much higher volume of DevOps postings. DevOps jobs do pay a bit higher since there is a shortage in the number of DevOps professionals available.

Are you an employee or manager working in an IT firm? Looking to advance your tech skills and career? Acquire the DevOps certification that has high prospective earning potential and build your credibility within your industry. KnowledgeHut’s course on DevOps Foundation Certification  training will familiarize you with the A to Z of the DevOps framework while simultaneously giving you a solid practical base which will make you ready toapply its principles while on the job. Mastering DevOps will help you gain all the skills required to successfully build, monitor, operate, measure and enhance the several processes in IT enterprises by better integrating operations and development.

Successful application of DevOps will help you gain recognition by realizing the organization’s development and business goals. You will grab the high-paying jobs in top MNCs after completing this KnowledgeHut DevOps Foundation training

The entire KnowledgeHut DevOps course is in line with the latest version of the certification (V3) rolled out by the DevOps Institute. You will become a DevOps certified professional upon successfully passing (65%) the 1-hour exam consisting of 40 multiple choice questions. This certification will be the prerequisite for other DevOps certification courses.

Our trainers have great training and delivery techniques, which make our courses practical and relevant with real-world experiences. We focus on offering training that suits your individual needs, assisting you to reach your full potential and accomplish your training and career goals. You will be allowed to work on real-world projects and assignments as part of this training that has huge implications in the real-world scenario thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.

Advance your career, develop sought-after skills and get set for the future with the DevOps Foundation Certification!

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