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Nov 16, 2011 by

by Donna Garner

Herman Cain is catching flak today because of his slow and uncertain response to a question about Libya and whether he felt Obama had handled the Libyan situation correctly.


The truth is that even those in our country who are international experts disagree about Obama’s handling of Libya. Did Obama’s delayed decision to involve the U. S. in the NATO forces in Libya end up creating a “different monster” once Gaddafi was killed? Who is in control of that country right now? Is it the Islamist rebels? What about the 20,000 anti-aircraft missiles that Obama’s dithering allowed to disappear, possibly sold to the Al-Qaeda regime?

Should Herman have said Obama made a wise decision to use drone warfare to kill Gaddafi, or should Herman have criticized Obama for allowing the anti-aircraft missiles to get away? I can see why Cain was rather slow to answer, can’t you?




Herman Cain has proved his expertise on business and economic issues; and realistically, no Presidential candidate can be strong on all issues. Any President will have to appoint a bevy of experts to place around him to give him counsel on the myriad problems that face our nation.


The difference between Herman Cain and Obama is that Cain would choose wise international and domestic experts who respect American exceptionalism rather than the Socialist and/or leftwing bureaucrats with whom Obama has surrounded himself (e.g., Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emmanuel, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Cass Sunstein, Kevin Jennings, Jim Wallis, Van Jones, Carol Browner, John Holdren, Bill Ayers, etc.).




What we voters have to figure out is “What kind of counselors would Herman Cain choose for his cabinet compared to the czars and cabinet members Obama has chosen?” As Shakespeare has said, “Aye, there’s the rub.”


It is for this reason that we voters need to look for the ethical compass, the inner values, the life experiences, the wisdom, the moral and philosophical principles upon which a candidate has based his life because it is these that will guide him in his choice of cabinet members and close counselors.




Herman Cain has already demonstrated his superior knowledge of business and the economy; and this is the issue that is rated the most important to Americans, particularly those who are out of a job.


At 10:18 A. M. on 11.15.11, the national debt clock showed that each taxpayer in this country owed $133,350; each citizen (including our children and grandchildren) owed $47,961 with a whopping total U. S. national debt way over $14.9 Trillion. (http://www.usdebtclock.org/)


Cain’ 999 Plan is very popular with the public because we can understand it and because it makes sense. A predictable, business-friendly tax system will encourage businesses to expand and create jobs because the job creators will know what to expect in the future — no surprises. Herman Cain’s 999 Plan indeed is about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”


Please see the analysis of Cain’s 999 Plan by Henry Burke that is posted at the bottom of this e-mail.




Cain is 100% pro-life which shows how highly he values each human life. He honors our Creator and humbles himself before Him.


Cain’s life story is a direct contrast to Obama’s. Herman has learned the importance of family values, adherence to Biblical principles, personal responsibility, hard work, self-discipline, and perseverance.


Obama is an example of someone whose moral and ethical values were shaped in a dysfunctional family where he was influenced by Socialists/Communists/leftists such as Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright.


I believe that Obama fears running against Cain more than any other candidate because Obama knows his many shortcomings will be directly juxtaposed against Cain’s many strengths.



What if after Herman Cain wins in the March 2012 primaries he decides it is time for the double standard to cease – time for the national media to stop nit-picking at Cain’s past and do what it should have done several years ago which is to require Obama to produce the official documentation from his unvetted past?

After all, the American people know almost nothing about Obama’s “kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental College records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, passport, medical records, files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and his adoption records.” (World Net Daily, 12.28.09)

Perhaps when Herman Cain wins the primary nomination and has the national spotlight on him, he can reinvigorate the sales of The Manchurian President written by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott which climbed to #1 on Amazon.com in May 2010 and #10 on the NYT’s political best-seller list on June 6, 2010. This book was the result of two years of intense investigations into Obama’s shadowy political background and radical ties.

It is past time for the American people to know who and what Obama really is. He went through unvetted in his first election, and hopefully Herman Cain will not let Obama sneak by a second time.



Some Republicans are turning to Newt because of his excellent debate skills, but running the country is not based upon how well a President can debate. Has Newt followed a sound moral compass, particularly when he was under stress? This is an important consideration because of the tremendous pressures that occur within any President.


We Americans must have confidence that the President of the United States knows the Source of all Wisdom and Knowledge. With the unbelievable problems that face our nation, the next President must not rely upon himself but must seek direction from above; and he must have the courage to act upon it.


We believe that Herman Cain has demonstrated that type of courage and conviction under fire, particularly during these last several weeks. He has not quit even when the accusations from both the Left and the Right were directed at him. He and his family have fearlessly stood before the American people and have pled their case with an honesty that is transparent and honorable.



Herman Cain’s Plan To Save America — 999

by Henry W. Burke





Herman Cain’s 999 Plan would raise almost the same amount of taxes as our present system (i.e., revenue neutral). The higher-income people would save the most under the 999 Plan; but here is the good news: They are the people who create the jobs for the rest of us! The more money the higher-income people do not have to send to Washington, D. C., the more they will invest in jobs for the rest of us Americans. The 999 Plan would completely rejuvenate our country and would put huge numbers of Americans back to work. The 999 Plan’s pro-growth emphasis will light a fire under our economy and create millions of new jobs.


A predictable, business-friendly tax system will encourage businesses to expand and create jobs because the job creators will know what to expect in the future — no surprises. Herman Cain’s 999 Plan indeed is about “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.”



Please read further to understand the details of Herman Cain’s 999 Plan.





Presidential candidate Herman Cain has rocked the country with his bold but simple plan to ignite our economy. His “999 Plan” calls for an individual flat income tax rate of 9 %, a business flat income tax of 9 %, and a national sales tax of 9 %. Herman Cain’s plan does not affect state sales taxes; it only applies to federal taxes.


The plan is simple but will it work? This is the question everyone is asking. This relatively short and straightforward report will offer some answers and explore various aspects of the 999 Plan.


I have prepared examples to show how much tax you would save under the present tax system and under the Cain 999 Plan. These examples cover income levels from $25,000 to $1 million per year. Please refer to the second half of this report to view this information.


**If you do not care about the background details of the 999 Plan, and you mainly want to know how much a family making $75,000 per year (for example) would save under the Cain 999 Plan, please go straight to the section entitled “Section VIII. Comparison… ”


This report explores the following subjects:


I. The Need for Tax Reform

II. Individuals

III. Corporations

IV. National Sales Tax

V. Current U.S. Revenue

VI. Herman Cain’s Revenue Neutral 999 Plan

**VIII. Comparison Between Present Tax System and Cain’s 999 Plan

IX. Commentary on Examples

X. Tax Breaks for the Job Creators

XI. Reviews of Cain’s 999 Plan











This is nifty. If you want to know what Herman Cain’s 999 Plan would save you in real dollars, please go to this link: http://999calculator.net/

In our state, we pay 8.25% sales tax. I plugged that amount into the Herman Cain 999 Plan Tax Calculator and then inserted the amount of $50.00 for an imaginary item. I would pay $54.13 for that item right now.

Under Herman Cain’s 999 Plan, companies would not have to pay the embedded tax of 22%; that reduces the actual price of the item to $39.00. Under the 999 Plan, I would pay $48.47, saving me $5.66 from what I presently pay.

If I saved $5.66 for each $50 item under the 999 Plan compared to what I pay right now, by the end of the year, I would end up saving a great deal of money under the 999 Plan.

Herman Cain 999 tax calculator — Take it for a spin!




Under the proposed Cain 999 Plan, you still must pay the existing State Sales Tax. However, you must consider the hidden or “embedded” taxes built into the price.


Let’s go through the example. When you enter a state sales tax of 8.25% and a Price of Good = $50.00 into the 999 Calculator, you get the following results:

















The Total Price of$2.34


With the present tax system, the Total Price = $54.13. The Total Price includes a 22% “embedded tax” = $11.00. [$50.00 x 22% = $11.00] This means the $50.00 item includes $11.00 in hidden taxes. [$39.00 + $11.00 = $50.00] The Actual Price of Good = $39.00.


Under the Cain 999 Plan, you start with the Actual Price of Good = $39.00. Apply the effective Corporate Tax Rate of 6% [$39.00 x 6% = $2.34]; and the Price of the New Good = $41.34. [$39.00 + $2.34 = $41.34]


Next, apply the Cain Sales Tax of 9% to the Price of New Good of $41.34. [$41.34 x 9% = $3.72], and apply the existing State Sales Tax of 8.25%. [$41.34 x 8.25% = $3.41] When you add these taxes to the Price of New Good, you get a Total Price = $48.47. [$41.34 + $3.72 + $3.41 = $48.47]


Under the Cain 999 Plan, the Total Price of $48.47 offers a savings of $5.66 when compared with the present tax system.

[$54.13 – $48.47 = $5.66]

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